Get Beautiful Mural Paintings From Kukkoos Nest

Mural paintings in Kerala is a beautiful art tradition that’s centuries old. It still holds prominence in the state. There are many upcoming mural artists who’ve learned the art from scratch. We found one such talented person in Thrissur who goes by the name Kukkoos Nest on Instagram.

What’s Her Story?

Darshana Sajeev, the founder of Kukkoos Nest, is an artist by passion and Engineer by profession. She shared, “When I was in high school I happened to visit Guruvayur temple, a place where you will find walls decorated with mural painting everywhere. Those paintings really attracted me with their vibrant rich colors and various facial expression of each character portrayed on it.”

Get Beautiful Mural Paintings From Kukkoos Nest

Intrigued by the mural paintings, she started to learn the art form from many sources, including taking the help of Harshan sir, a teacher who lived nearby. She shared, “He taught me many techniques of drawing. My perspective towards this art totally changed when I attended a professional one-week mural workshop in Thrissur.”

Even though Darshana wanted to pursue this and share her work on social media, she found it hard to maintain a work-life balance. Her job in Dubai in an IT company left her with minimum leisure time. However, she was able to finally give it a chance during her pregnancy period. So she started an Instagram page inspired by her pet name Kuku.

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Why You Should Check Out Kukkoos Nest?

Kukuoos nest sells mural paintings and customized work on various surfaces like wood, fabric and metals. Radha Krishna is her best-selling product. She also does mural paintings that depict Buddha, Lord Ganesh, Shiva, Last supper, Baby Christ and other mythological characters.

If you have a sample reference, you can run it by her. She will be more than happy to make it come alive with her paintings. The price of each product depends on the size and detailing needed, even though the starting rate is INR 300. Orders are collected through Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from selling mural paintings, Kukoos nest also conducts online mural classes. Click that follow button to keep yourself updated.

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