For IT Parks To Flourish In Kerala, Social Life Is A Must

There’s a reason why many IT job seekers move out of Kerala for employment. Apart from striking a well-to-do job, other states provide a social life that’s lacking in Kerala. While the state is slowly attracting IT companies to set shop with various incentives, many refuse to partake owing to the lack of a social ecosystem. IT parks in Kerala will only thrive if there is a social life to look forward to after work. 

With regards to this rising concern, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan hinted at opening pubs and wine parlours in IT parks to attract companies and employees. The chances of an IT sector booming in Kerala is co-related to building social activities and avenues of entertainment. 

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For IT Parks To Flourish In Kerala, Social Life Is A Must

When an IT company plans on expanding its operation in a particular place, they also identify social places in and around the vicinity. They understand the importance of it. Pinarayi Vijayan shared, “Some companies send their representatives for preliminary studies when they plan to invest here. Often, their report pointed out the lack of facilities like pubs. The government had started steps to resolve this complaint earlier. But the government did not take any other action in this regard as it was the beginning stage of the Covid-19 pandemic.” He further added that the State would soon take action reading this once the threat of COVID cools down.

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Pubs, bars, theatres, malls, and gyms sell a ‘good time’. And at the end of the day, employees wish to unwind from work at a place that isn’t their home or a workspace. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi have shown the positive effects of having such entertainment hubs in building the lifestyle of IT employees. Vineeth Chandran, Secretary of Prathidhwani, shared, “Though there was a plan to set up a beer parlour of the KTDC at the Technopark Club, it did not take off. This is certainly a welcome move and the reactions from employees have been generally positive.”

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