Kerala Woman Elopes With GF A Day After Her Wedding, Husband Suffers Heart Attack

What you are about to hear might shock you. A Thrissur native eloped with her girlfriend a day after her wedding. The police officials found her six days later in a lodge in Madurai with her girlfriend. Her newlywed husband suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital to conduct an angioplasty. The girlfriend, too, was newly wedded, and they both planned to elope together.

Here’s how this unfolded.

The 23-year-old woman hailed from Pazhuvil near Cherpu, Thrissur. While her family fixed her wedding, she had no plans of living with her husband. She was in love with another girl. The unnamed Kerala woman waited till her wedding to get over so that she could use her wedding jewellery to escape with her girlfriend. 

A day after the wedding, the woman went missing.

The newlyweds had come to the bank the next day after the wedding. The husband shared that his wife had taken his phone to call a friend. She immediately took off on their scooter, assuring her husband that she would be back quickly. But, she never returned. The husband, therefore, filed a missing report.

In the middle of the investigation, the husband suffered a heart attack. He had to undergo surgery. He is reported to be safe and sound.

It took the Kerala police over six days to conduct the investigation and find her in Madurai. According to the police, the woman and her girlfriend booked a train ticket to Chennai from Thrissur. However, they boarded the train the next day from Kottayam. When they landed in Chennai, they travelled to Madurai, where they both wanted to spend their lives together.

They stayed in Madurai for a day only to return back to Thrissur to shift the scooter they came in. They rode the scooter to Ernakulam, kept it in the parking lot, and headed over to Madurai.

The police were able to trace their steps, which landed them in Madurai. The women were brought home to their families.

Aishwarya Gopinath
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