Designer Outfits You Can Wear This Onam

Wearing designer outfits can significantly enhance your appearance. For Onam, these attires blend Kerala’s rich cultural heritage with modern fashion trends, creating one-of-a-kind and captivating ensembles that embody the essence of the festival. As it is the season of Onam, we have curated some stunning outfits you can wear to celebrate the occasion.

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Rouka by Sreejith Jeevan

This year’s Onam designs are special for Sreejith, for they are an ode to his grandmother. He says,

“This collection stems from the memory of my grandmother’s garden, which was filled with local flowers. In the evenings, she would string the jasmine flowers for her hair. As a child, I would admire her green thumb- to be able to get a plant cutting and convert it into a beautifully flowering plant.

Later in life, working with textiles, I would compare the process to how she would grow her garden. It was about finding local skill, nurturing it, and patiently waiting for it to bloom with ideas and prayer. 

Thy Garden Come, inspired by the popular phrase ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is a tribute to the spirit of growing the local – in reverence to the Kingdom of Mahabali where righteousness and prosperity ruled. To me, this defines the celebration that is Onam.”

And very true to this theme, we did see some amazing flora on the attires.

Alka Hari

If you appreciate minimalistic designs, you’ll adore this clothing collection. The garments are sophisticated and understated yet still manage to inspire awe. The brand’s motto aligns perfectly with their aesthetic – “When the outfit is your ornament”. Be sure to explore their Suvarna and Ragam collections this holiday season.

They also have some amazing co-ord sets to check out, along with fine choices from white and beige.


Shilpa Jagath’s clothing line, Kalaakari, is well-known and worth checking out. Their Drita collection mesmerized us this Onam season, as it pays tribute to our timeless and elegant attire.

You can browse through a wide range of Onam outfits with various styles and designs that cater to all your preferences. This brand offers a complete package, from elegant and simple ethnic wear to grand and majestic designs.

Turmerik by Nivethitha Sanjay

WE’RE IN LOVE.  I must say, the latest Chaayam collections are splendid! The kasavu sarees adorned with beautiful floral prints are simply gorgeous and perfect for draping. They have a variety of prints available, including colourful ones and minimalistic floral designs, all perfect for celebrating Onam.

Honestly, we had a tough time picking just one from their Onam collection as all of them were equally impressive in terms of their designs and prints. Ladies, this collection is definitely worth checking out this season.

Nooriya couture

We were pleasantly surprised by Nooriya Couture’s stunning collections for Onam. Their Onapolima line features gorgeous ensembles that blend ombre designs and delicate hues, resulting in a breathtaking display of intricate patterns.

For people who love nude shades, attire from Nooriya couture is surely a great choice for Onam. 

Raimes designer boutique

Raimes’ Varnam collection is a breath of fresh air for Onam fashion this season. We are in awe of their designs, whether it’s their fluffy sleeve design with minimal floral embroidery or their classic kasavu saree paired with a nose ring.

Varnam focuses on incorporating a variety of lively colors into Onam attire. We were particularly fond of their striped blouse design paired with a subtly styled skirt.

Mankasurath by Kamaruban Nusarath

Kozhikode-based fashion boutique Mankasurath has launched their Onam collection ‘മങ്ക’. This collection is based on the Malayali മങ്ക. -The Timeless Beauty of the Malayali Woman. The മങ്ക Onam Collection is inspired by the beauty and strength of early 19th-century Malayali women (മങ്ക). These sarees are made from plain white handloom weave on the body and the finest quality Kasavu on the border. They are handwoven by skilled artisans using traditional methods. The Kasavu borders symbolise the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. It’s the perfect representative of Keala culture.

Amour by Anjana Madhav

Are you searching for a stunning and luxurious option for Onam? Look no further than Amour’s Onam collections this season. They’re definitely worth considering.

You can definitely check out Thulasi collection by Amour. 

Kriti label

We enjoyed the simplicity and strength of Kriti Label’s fashion game this Onam. Those who prefer elegant and straightforward attire will find Kriti Label to be an excellent option.


Prescila Joseph Chungath’s brand Ektha has curated a beautifully pristine Onam collection featuring intricate Zari work this season. These graceful designs are definitely worth trying out this Onam!

This season, we have fallen in love with the Kamal collection. Its blend of style, elegance, and minimalist designs make for a perfect harmony.

Sweth Kerala saree boutique 

Our recommendations for Onam collections would be incomplete without mentioning the Sweth collections. This label, popularly known as Kerala Sarees on Instagram, offers a wide range of Onam collections for both men and women. Their collection is rich and diverse, making it a great choice for anyone looking for traditional Onam attire.

Their collections are equally loved by all for their simple designs and amazing patterns. We loved their Manjady collection this season. 

Signature by Treesha Josh

If you’re a fashion enthusiast searching for a blend of modern and traditional styles, then Aapurva collection by this label is worth a try. The collection features regal, elegant outfits with majestic designs, which we found to be a major attraction of the label.

If you’re looking to add a touch of royalty to your style this month, consider checking out Signatures for some great options. Below, we’ve included our top favorite design from their collection.

De’signs by Anne

The Aariya collections by De’signs for this onam are subtle, graceful, and contemporary. If you are looking for trendy, stylish clothing that is still rooted in tradition, we highly recommend checking out their collections. We were mesmerized by their onam offerings.

Rani Pink Designer studio

Looking for a simple and effortless Onam outfit? Take a look at Rani Pink’s collection. Our favorite piece was the dragonfly blouse, which made a statement at Onam celebrations. Dragonflies in vibrant colors complement any Onam attire perfectly.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite brands for the Onam season. However, we want to make sure we didn’t leave out any of your favorites. Please feel free to share them in the comment section. Happy Onam to everyone!

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