Onam 2023: Bringing Onam in Style

It’s that time of year again! We’re excited to share some trendy designs with you for this Onam season. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourite designs that we think you’ll love and they’re super easy to recreate. So, let’s jump right in and check out what’s popular this year!


This season, the trend of striking stripes has made a comeback. Self-printed striped fabrics are in fashion, from sarees to blouse designs. It’s a delight to see sarees with long stripes of various colours, including the authentic Kasavu variation.

Here are a few references for you! And if you want to try colours this Onam rather than stick to ordinary white tones, this might suit you.

Dyes and Gradients

Since “What Jhumka” came into the picture this season, people’s love for dyed, chiffon sarees has hit the roof. And with kasavu saree, too, this trend prevails. We saw a variety of Kasavu attires dyed into a gradient of pop colours this Onam.

So if you love them too, then why not try something dyed? Here’s a gorgeous green shade with a Kasasvu twist!

If you’re unsure about dyeing fabric, there are many shops that offer this service such as Melange Studio, L3 Designs, Milan, and more. They typically charge per meter of fabric. It’s important to ensure that the fabric you buy is dyeable if you plan on dyeing it, and to ask your tailor to use cotton threads for easier dyeing.

Tip: Dye before you stitch them as they shrink after the process.

Kasavu Linear patterns

A simple Kasavu saree with self-prints of stripes all over the body. This is one of the oldest and one of the most elegant looks that has been in trend for a long time. Similar variations are silver Kasavu lines all over the saree body making the simple saree look a bit elevated with minimal fabric work yet an optimum overall look.

Pleated Skirt and Kasavu dupatta

If you are someone who loves lehenga, then this might be a very good idea for you to try. The idea is to keep the basic outfit simple and show the Kasavu as the main attraction. Rather than going for an embellished blouse, you can stick to a very basic and minimal blouse with your dupatta doing all the talk. This is chic and classy. Just take a look at our inspiration which you can refer to!

Traditional meet Modern prints

We would also suggest our readers experiment a bit this season. If you want something different this Onam, why not try something like this – Hand-printed, hand-painted or embroidered designs on the styled clothes of your choice and comfort? You may ditch the traditional saree, lehenga or salwar suit and switch them to whatever you wish.

Good Old Flares

A popular and effortless option for outfits is the classic Anarkali. During Onam, many girls enjoyed wearing Anarkali attire made of silver kasavu fabrics. You can choose this look for a lightweight appearance and accessorize it with Jhumkas. This outfit always looks great and is easy to wear.

The best part? You can easily get them online without the hassle of going through stitching them from scratch.

Silver Kasavu

These days, the trend is leaning towards Silver Kasavu designs, often paired with oxidised and boho jewellery. Whether you’re wearing a saree, lehenga, or kurta, silver Kasavu adds a touch of freshness and subtlety to your outfit. We recommend that our readers try incorporating silver into their Onam outfits this season. Consider pairing it with a light net or organza dupatta for an elevated look.

KISS – Keep it simple and stylish

Authentic attire never goes wrong. If you are in a dilemma about what to wear at the last moment, remember that the authentic option is always open.

A very simple Kasavu saree with some golden jewellery is always convenient. Also if you have some temple jewellery then do not think twice about it. Go for it and see how a lazy girl’s look saves your day!

Neck Patchworks

The neck patch highlight trend seems to be coming back this season, despite its decline after Kalamkai designs fell out of fashion. While this design may be familiar to many, it can still be enjoyed with minor experimentation. Do we love it? That’s up to personal preference, but we certainly don’t mind it with some experimentation.

Try them with pastel and Banarsi prints rather than sticking to olden design works. It will add a lot of life to your attire.

Long shrugs

After the release of the movie Brahmastra, Aliya’s attire in the Kesariya song, featuring a long breezy shrug, became extremely popular. As a result, Onam outfits are also adopting this trend. Wearing a long shrug with a skirt or palazzo pants is currently in style this Onam season. Let’s take a look at how it looks.

You can easily get something like this stitched depending upon your preference and make your dull look stylish and fresh.

We’ve come to the end of this article, where we shared some design ideas that you can try out for yourself. We’ve made an effort to include designs that are easy to recreate. Please share your thoughts on these suggestions. Have a happy and stylish Onam celebration!

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