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Curly hair is finally gaining the recognition it deserves. Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to believe that straight hair is the ‘ideal’ standard of beauty. The many shampoo ads that we see on TV is proof of it. But, things are changing. With social media booming like never before, people with curly hair are sharing their curl stories. Slowly but effectively, the representation of curly hair is gaining momentum. Even in Kerala. There are many curly hair Malayali enthusiasts who are embracing their curls and encouraging others to do the same.

People with curly hair know what it takes to look after their curls. Like any other person, they too have their good and bad hair days. Turns out, there’s a whole different treatment needed to look after curly hair. Here’s a list of curly hair Malayali enthusiasts you should follow to fall in love with curly locks.

Anjana (@curlsandbeautydiary)

Anjana, like every other curly-haired girl, detested her hair. She had the habit of brushing her curls, hoping for a miracle but to no avail. A few years ago when curly hair started to trend, she researched the A-Zs of curly haircare. A bunch of experiments later, she finally found the love she was searching for in her curls. Eventually, she knew she had to spread the curl love. Her mission is to make “curly-haired beauties fall in love with [their] curly hair.

Ashitha Thomas (@that_curly_malayali)

It’s no secret that looking after curly hair is a mammoth task. That said, when it is done right, it will look stunning as ever. But you need a guide, and Ashitha might just be your go-to person for that. We seriously can’t get enough of Ashitha’s curls. If you don’t follow That Curly Malayali, we suggest you do it STAT. You can get all your to-do and how-to guides about curly hair from her feed. She does reviews of different kinds of hair products so you know what you’re in for when you purchase a product for your curls. Follow her for curly inspo!

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Mariam (@mariamroy9)

The right kind of ‘gram inspiration can go a long way in helping you become a better version of yourself. Mariam’s content is the perfect example of it. She’s a sucker for self-love. Her unfiltered, honest nature about things that are personal to her, like her love for curly hair, is quite refreshing to see. Styling curly hair is no mean feat, but Mariam makes it look like a piece of cake. So, if you’re looking to style your curly locks, she has a video series of easy hairstyles for curly hair. Do check it out!

Curly Faby (@sruthy_raju)

Sruthy Raju is an upcoming digital creator in the curly hair space in Kerala. She can help you amp up the personality of your locks with a few tips and tricks. You should check out her YouTube channel to get access to tutorials and reviews. A scroll through her Insta feed is all you need to feel inspired to love your curls. That, my friend, is what you’re looking for.

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Kavya Ajith (@curly.hairstory)

We all know Kavya Ajith as the singer and violinist who has given us many musical gems. She started a new Instagram page dedicated to her curls. Curly Hairstory features everything from Kavya’s hair journey, her hair care routines, her go-to styling products and whatnot. You can’t help but fall in love with her bouncy curls. She’s just started out so don’t forget to give her some love.

Arpitha (@poofytocurly_tales)

Arpitha is yet another upcoming digital creator you should check out. Growing up, Arpitha was nicknamed ‘Piff the Poof’ because of her frizzy hair. Right from serums, oils to shampoos and conditioners, she tried all the products that quote-unquote promised to calm her frizz down. Not-so-surprisingly, it didn’t. The ‘Curly Girl Method’ came in as a blessing in disguise, and that changed the way she looked at her curls. She now recommends many budget-friendly products and DIYs for curly haircare, which is worth trying out. Arpitha is here to stay and change your perception about curly hair as she did hers.

Dhivya Sahadevan (@livingwithdivi)

A curly hair enthusiast, a DIYer, a custom furniture crafter, a yogi, Dhivya is a woman of many talents. She does a host of lifestyle, beauty, and haircare content on her YouTube channel. You can discover all things curly in her Curly Girl series on YT. Trust us; she will teach you how to wear your curls confidently in ways you may not have experienced before.

The love for curly hair is here to stay. Who are your favourite curly hair lovers from the ‘gram? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. curly hair is definitely a never ending trend. Beauty parlours are providing different hair styles that involves curls. Curls make woman look pretty.

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