Crazy Movies To Watch With Your Friends

Do you know what’s absurdly satisfying? Watching crazy movies that make no sense with your friends.

Will it make sense then? Not at all. But your friends will definitely make the entire SAFAR of SUFFERING easy and funny.

If you are looking for some serious movie reviews, this is not the article you should be reading. What I’ll be discussing are some common thoughts that popped up during my Safar of watching these crazy movies.

Radhe Shyam

Crazy Movies To Watch With Your Friend Circle

Call me crazy, I watched this movie three times with three different sets of friends. And trust me, each time, I came up with new questions that nobody could answer. The universe of this movie can make your brain think more than you ever did in exam halls.

A beautifully dolled-up doctor who looks more of a model than a doctor, an Einstien of Palmistry, crazy dudes from NASA who believe in Jyotisham and Panchangam to launch their missions, a mother (Bhagyasree) who looks younger than her son, weird dialogues like “Can you handle my weight?”, a huge Tsunami and a lot more make this movie beautifully flawed.

Every frame is very majestically designed and detailed but it is unfortunate that they forgot the same for their story. Jellyfish makes a special cameo in the climax, and it will probably be the only good thing you’ll see in the movie. The climax will make you question physics, biology, chemistry and mainly LOGIC.

Finally, you will float on the ocean of questions like:

  • Why were Kunal Roy Kapoor, Jayaram, Bhagyasree, and Jellyfishes in the movie?
  • How did he come back from the sea?
  • Did he swim across to reach the hospital?
  • What on earth is FLIRTATIONSHIP?
  • Even after an entire cargo box fell on Prabhas, how did he survive?
  • Why was he running around all over the ship if eventually what he wanted to do was jump off the ship?

The end.

Jack and Jill

Crazy Movies To Watch With Your Friend Circle

(Kim)*8 + (Mey)*8


Won’t you agree with me if I say that this song is so hard to get out of your mind? This movie is based on a Science theme gone wrong. Rotten jokes, an unrealistic AI thread, unnecessary female characters who have literally nothing to do in the movie and a very weirdly-Naadan Alexa-inspired Kutaps.

This movie is a Samsthana Sammelanam of unnecessities. For example, the female character who tries to hit on Kalidas the entire film even struggles to deliver proper Malayalam dialogues (Feels like a pretty face with nothing else to contribute to the movie), the woman with Aju Varghese and Basil Joseph (who can be seen in various kinds of cotton sarees and silver oxidised jewellery, chic is stylish, but has hardly one dialogue) and many jokes like njan mindoola or universal rule prakaram our aanum pennum…Kik Kim Kim. Seriously!? What’s so “kim kim” about it Kutapz?

The songs will make you cry at times for their visuals and lyrics.

It claims to be science fiction but does no justice to even be a proper entertainer. At some point in time, even the AI assistant Kuttaps (Soubin) makes you go nuts for the silly jokes and repetitive dialogues. [We miss you from Sudani, Kumbalangi and more.]

Moral: It’s not funny, not scientific, not at all entertaining and you will end up with just one question- What was that? Maybe suggest this movie to a friend or family who wants to reconcile with you after a fight (Thank us later)!

Race 3

Crazy Movies To Watch With Your Friend Circle

The entire Race movie franchise was brought down to level 0 because of this movie alone.

Our business is our business, it’s none of your business! Such masterpiece dialogue will leave you in pieces taking away all the peace you might have left in your life. Physics jumps out of the windows as soon as this movie enters in. Flying cars, men waiting to take off their shirts every now and then to show off their abs, luxurious cars being bombed and treated like Maruti 800, misplaced songs with horrible lyrics and hot women saying logicless dialogues along with twists and turns in every scene is what this movie is all about.

Watching it with your friends makes this saga of unending twists bearable and funny for its stupidity and unrealistic logic. Once this gets over, you will be terrified even thinking about the questions you might have had.

Heropanti 2

I did this to my friends recently. They are waiting to meet me and greet me IRL.

A classic Tiger Shroff movie where he is the boy who survives all sorts of gunshots, and bomb blasts. Even after getting hit by a train, he walks away with minor injuries and some podi on his shirt. Instead of Heropanti 2, this should be named Keeping up with the Vediundas. So Bablu (Tiger Shroff) is a hacker who has to face a world-famous magician and a criminal mastermind, Laila (Nawaz), while being in LUB with his sister (Tara Sutaria, a self-made billionaire who owns video games pole endo oru company)

This movie happens at different times tto, Adhu manasilavula, adanu prnju tanne! If you did not get an idea about the movie’s level, then here are 2 of my favourite scenes:

  1. Tiger Shroff gets shot on his bum. Tara takes him to a doctor who looks like the least of a doctor you would want to get treated from. While performing this surgery of taking out Vediunda from Tiger’s Chandi, Tara faints. Tara wakes up to find Tiger missing. Evde Avan? He’s gone. After a fresh surgery, Tiger went to a Zombie party nearby and is seen sitting on a zombie Simhasanam using his operation kazhinja chandi, because why not? Then comes the song by A R Rahman- DFqer. Dafa Kar ennum pryam!
  2. The climax has a scene which is an Alamb copy from our very own Harry Potter’s famous chess scene. Do you remember Ron Weasley playing chess to let Harry and Hermoine go ahead? Adenne!

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The CBI franchise is not just a movie but a sort of Vigaram to Malayalis. That Ta ta ta tatataaaa keeps playing in our heads thinking of this. But CBI 5: The Brain is a differently vague and tiring movie. I guarantee you that you will keep looking at the timeline of the movie to know ineem etra baakind?

Even though it is a crime investigation thriller, it will make you think about everything apart from who the killer is. At some point, you will be in a state where you are no longer bothered about the killer. Pacemaker takes away all the little peices of interest one might have in this.

The ONLY good thing about this was watching our favourite Jagathy SreeKumar making a beautiful cameo. Other than that, this movie is a lovely watch if you want to talk to your friends and discuss life without paying much attention to the movie but want background noise to suppress the awkward silence which might follow after the What are we doing with our lives? conversation.

To Soubin throwing his MAC into the air to escape, what is this behaviour Macha!?

Satyamev Jayate 2

Crazy Movies To Watch With Your Friend Circle

Please don’t hate me after this. I watched this movie for John Abraham. And what I got were three of them. John Abraham is in a triple role. Too much of him everywhere, The movie tells the story of patriotism, rajya sneham and IDK, endokeyoo kanikind ellavrum,

Everyone talks and sings in a rhyming scheme. It is filled with kadicha pottata Hindi words coming out of people like a poem. In many instances, you wonder, what is wrong with these people? Watch it when you guys are planning to Koodal because then, you will have a reason to not understand this.

It has literally an entire scene where a woman is being harassed by a man but people standing around to take videos of it and wait for shirtless John Abraham to show up and save her. On such occasions, cringe dominates all the other feelings.

Suggest this to your friends and see how fast they unfriend you

Santhosh Pandit Movies

You know this, right?

You knew the fact that Cream biscuitil cream ind ennu karuthy Tiger biscuitil Tiger indavnm ennilla! , right?

Then you, my friend, must also be well aware of Krishnanum Radhayum, Minimolde Achan and many such movies. Keep your brain aside and watch it. Trust me, even though they all sound stupid and idiotic, you will end up laughing. Soon, you’ll wonder if you don’t have anything else to do in your life than watching all of these.

Thalaraudh! Please watch with friends who won’t leave you under any circumstances for safety to make your Ratri Subharatri.

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Dubbed movies on Kairali

I call them the people who get the privilege of watching dubbed movies on Kairali TV the luckiest lot. I got a chance to see the Hindi movie PK starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma dubbed in Malayalam. Also, the songs from Hindi, Tamil and Telegu in Malayalam are really a treat to our ears. IYKYK!

You can watch them on the channel as well as on youtube easily. Please don’t curse us for suggesting crazy movies where you can see some of the best songs and dialogues lose their existence when dubbed in Malayalam.

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Did we miss any crazy movies from your list? Let us know them in the comment sections.

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