Celebrating Vishu: The Festival of Hope and Prosperity in Kerala

Vishu is an important festival celebrated in Kerala, usually during mid-April. It marks the beginning of the Malayalam New Year and is also considered an auspicious day for the people of Kerala. The festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and excitement, and it is a time for family gatherings, feasting, and exchanging greetings.

History of Vishu

The origins of this festival can be traced back to ancient times when the Chera dynasty ruled Kerala. It is believed that the festival was initially celebrated as a harvest festival by the farmers to mark the end of the agricultural season. Over time, it has evolved into a cultural and religious festival that signifies the beginning of a new year.

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Celebrating Vishu: The Festival of Hope and Prosperity in Kerala

Why is it Celebrated?

Vishu is celebrated as a symbol of hope and prosperity. The festival signifies the triumph of light over darkness and is celebrated to usher in a new beginning. The first thing a person sees on the day of Vishu is believed to determine their fortune for the rest of the year. Hence, the day is celebrated with much care and attention to ensure a positive start to the year.

How do we celebrate Vishu?

The celebrations of Vishu begin early in the morning with a special ritual called ‘Vishukkani‘. On this day, the elders in the family set up a tray with a few auspicious items such as rice, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and coins in front of the deity. This tray is kept in the prayer room, and the family members are awakened at dawn and led to the prayer room with their eyes closed. They are then made to open their eyes to see the Vishukkani tray as the first thing they see that day.

After this, the family members exchange greetings and gifts with each other. The elders in the family distribute money, called ‘Vishukkaineettam,’ to the younger members as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

The day is also marked with feasting, and traditional delicacies such as sadya, ‘vishu kanji, thoran, and mambazha pulissery are prepared. The day is also celebrated with cultural programs such as ‘Vishu Kani Kazhcha,’ which includes musical performances, dance shows, and other entertainment activities.

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VishuCelebrating Vishu: The Festival of Hope and Prosperity in Kerala

Vishu is an important festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year and signifies hope, prosperity, and light. The festival is an integral part of Malayali culture, symbolizing the renewal of life and the start of a new year with joy and optimism.

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