Vishu Fashion 2023: Latest Vishu Fashion Trends

The Malayali spring festival is around the corner, and as usual, we are all set to give you some quick updates on the latest fashion trends and tips for this Vishu.

For Vishu 2023, we saw some fun additions to the fashion industry. Unlike the usual traditional Vishu attires, let’s look at the trending styles in the market.

Rise of Kasavu striped outfits

Unlike the usual Kasavu designs on sarees, dhotis and other Vishu outfits, this year, we’re seeing a lot of bold statements in the styling and designs of the attires. And one of the major trends we noticed was the use of Kasavu stripes on the entire outfit. For example, this simple yet beautifully styled outfit by KILAN STUDIO stole our hearts! They have named this the “Maathalam” range. To all the fashionistas, you may take notes from the gorgeous styling here.

Pastels + Kasavu

In the past, bold colours such as black, maroon, and blue were added to the royal golden Kasavu to create a beautiful contrast. But this year, we saw a significant influence of pastel hues on Vishu trends. Pastel shades have not only taken weddings under their influence, but also the festive seasons, it seems. For instance, how pretty is this Pattupavada by Riti Boutique? The beautiful silver Kasavu adds a sublime note to the entire attire.

Are traditional EAR CUFFS back in town?

Okay, you might be confused about many things here, allow us to answer them individually.

What are ear cuff earrings? (For those who are a bit late to the latest pulse in the fashion world)

Ear cuffs are large earrings extending beyond the ear lobe to the upper part of the ear, usually fitting around the ear’s outer rim. They have been around for centuries and are considered traditional jewellery pieces in many cultures.

Vishu and ear cuffs?

We thought that Vishu attires would easily blend with these ear cuff earrings as they would add a loud statement to the otherwise subtle outfit. We have proof. Well, not exact ones, but somewhat in a similar range. Let us know in the comment section if you like our suggestion.

A Denim addition

We strongly support fusion wears. And if you haven’t read our article, check it out here.

Denim with Kasavu break many traditional style rules, but the result is remarkable. And what’s fashion without fusion? Take a break from the old styling and add some denim magic to your attire, just like Taachi by Taachhi has done and rocked here. We love this entire look – Stylish, chic and enchanting!

Bold Belts

Belts have started to become the new fashion trend in town. And we found that Vishu attires look great when paired with belts. We would have been disappointed if no one did this season, but to our relief, Shweta Menon (dancing_engineer_mom) rightly served the look.

Hair accessories

We were surprised to find some spectacular additions to this year’s Vishu fashion trends. The latest bold hair accessory is one such surprise. Normally, we are more interested in Mullapoov and other local flowers, but unlike that, accessories add a classy shine to the whole look. We want more such experiments.

Dear readers, please take note of this emerging trend!

Kasavu with Crop twists

Crop tops look lovely in traditional lehengas and shararas. But when added to Kasavu Pavadas, they look light, effortlessly elegant, and beautiful. Something very similar to what Pichakam Weaves has created here on Lakshmi Menon. This breezy attire is a perfect choice for this Vishu!

Sustainable Choices

If you want to go for sustainable choices, there are some familiar names you can go to. Rouka by Sreejith Jeevan is one such label that strives for this concept. There are some fantastic designs by Sreejith for this Vishu. We loved the Vishu special Konnapoov saree design. Amazing design, isn’t it?

These were some of our finds that are on trend this Vishu. If you have anything interesting, do let us know about them in the comment section below. Happy Vishu folks!

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