Bloom In Green: A Transformational Festival to Rebuild Yourself

Have you heard of the Bloom In Green festival? It’s an eco-friendly three-day transformational camping festival with numerous workshops that helps you relax and stay creative. This is a festival that creates an environment for you to withdraw from reality so that you can transform and live your life to the fullest. 

Bloom In Green: A Transformational Festival to Rebuild Yourself

With a blend of art, music, and culture, the festival introduces you to activities that you wished you could do but had no time for. The core pillars that the creators have given importance to are Art, Music, Sustainability, Community, Technology, Adventure and Spirituality. This three-day camping event celebrates life, personal development, healthy lifestyle and artistic expression.

The team of creators include Aswathy, Deric, Farhan and Jimmy in production, Reenu in sponsorship management, Rahul, Vinay, Avinash, Vinayak in media, Adnan, Ajunesh, Neeraja in designs & creatives,  Farhan and Sarath in stage designing, Greeshma in marketing and Ammu, Anju, Rohit & Rohith In organizing, Shabari, Sony, Athulya in décor, Urjita, Dennis, Neethu, Vignesh and Lavanya in art installation.

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Bloom In Green: A Transformational Festival to Rebuild Yourself

On asking one of the creators, Aswathy R, how the idea came around in starting a transformational festival, she says, “After college, we had a lot of free time and were in the phase of “What do we do next?”. We went on many trips and attended many events. On attending these parties, we understood that there were hardly any events that people could relate to. When you check out festivals happening abroad, you can see that it has a refreshing concept and is something that everyone can be a part of.

She added, “In India, we did not see such an event happening. That made us think, why don’t we host one where people can feel excited to attend? By the end of it, they can go home with many happy memories and new hobbies to try out. Thus after many trial and error, Bloom in Green came into existence and our focus point through these events became personal and on societal transformation.”

Bloom In Green: A Transformational Festival to Rebuild Yourself

Another fascinating point about this festival is the venue. The one main thing they look into while selecting a location is to understand whether it is soulful or organic. Bloom in Green is conducted in places where it is rich in art and culture. They bring artists from that region to host workshops based on the skills they have excelled in. The first edition was amidst the peaceful forest in Agumbe in Karnataka and the second edition was in the beautiful Varnashi Organic farm near Mangaluru.  

When talking about the pre-production of the BIG festival, they say that the planning starts 4-5 months prior to the event. For the next three months, continuous promotions on various social media platforms are executed. Two weeks before the main event, the production begins. 

Bloom In Green: A Transformational Festival to Rebuild Yourself

The set of people the festival targets are the young working professionals who need a break from their daily grind. This event helps them change their lifestyle and feel relaxed while experiencing new concepts to take back home.

After every edition of the festival, a beautiful after-movie is released, which shows the three days of enjoyment and visuals of the picturesque forest. It will make you want to go there and experience the festival.

Check out the beautiful after movie of the second edition of the festival:

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