What Happens At An Eco-wellness Retreat? PinkLungi Uncovers!

Wellness retreats have had a huge impact on resetting the power button of people’s lives. Not only does it rejuvenate your well-being but it also heals the deep-rooted trauma that exists within us. Now, this may sound like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, but believe it or not, many seekers have travelled countries to embrace the mindfulness that an eco-wellness retreat promises. 

We, therefore, wanted to know what happens within this un-walled paradise and why it has grown in demand especially since the pandemic. Our conversation with the founder of ātmīyaṁ eco-wellness retreat, Cherish Manjooran, opened our minds to the world of wellness retreats. 

ātmīyaṁ is an eco-wellness retreat that hosts a holistic gathering of like-minded people looking to heal themselves. The predominant focus of this wellness retreat is meditative & healing processes, flow & movement-based workshops and curated immersive and transformative experiences. 

Cherish Manjooran hosted ātmīyaṁ on the 29 and 30th November 2021 at Niraamaya Retreats Samroha, Athirappilly where 20 people participated. It was a gathering of people discovering their selves through mindful, sustainable practices curated by Cherish.

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In today’s time, a stressful life is considered normal where it shouldn’t be. Wellness is a concept that should gain prominence in every household. It would benefit our community greatly to have a safe space for people to come together and explore self-reflection through play.” says Cherish Manjooran.

The first edition of ātmīyaṁ saw the use of immersive treatments like healing, subconscious reprogramming, relationship psychology, abundance mindset and more. Sahiba Singh from The Flux School of Arts, Bangalore hosted a session on intuitive spine movement that focuses on releasing negative emotions and traumas stuck in our bodies.

Eco-wellness Retreat I PinkLungi

Greshma Dhanarajan from the Ardra Collective, Goa hosted a meditative session that helped our participants tap into their intuition and work on their personal growth. Arunesh Moudgil from the Circus of Meraqi, Chandigarh hosted a water relaxation session that explored the rejuvenating powers of water. He also conducted flow sessions like slacklining and poi spinning that works on the coordination of one’s body and mind.

Eco-wellness Retreat I PinkLungi

Apart from the boutique therapy, the programme also saw sustainable brands from all over India take part in their Ecoflea. Participants had the opportunity to experience the art of bamboo bangle making in a workshop hosted by Uravu Indigenous Science & Technology Study Centre. In fact, the team at ātmīyaṁ even hosted a fundraiser to empower the women baboo artisans who are responsible for making Uravu what it is today.

Eco-wellness Retreat I PinkLungi
Eco-wellness Retreat I PinkLungi

If this eco-wellness retreat got you interested, you’ve got to check out ātmīyaṁ. All you have to do is request an invite on their website or head to their Instagram’s link in bio. You need to fill out a form. 

Cherish shared, “The form has a few powerful questions. We try to understand a person by their answers. That process is very important for us. You can expect questions like “What is that one experience that has shaped you as a person?”. We go through these responses and understand how much they’re willing to be a part of this retreat, our workshops, and interacting with our community. Once we feel that their thoughts and actions align with our values, we handpick them and send them an invite.” Do note that this is a paid entry but you need to truly give in to be able to be a part of ātmīyaṁ.

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