Biodiesel With Chicken Waste? Yes, It Is Possible!

John Abraham, a veterinary doctor and an associate professor at the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University invented a mechanism where you can make biodiesel using chicken waste. This biodiesel can offer a mileage of over 38 km per litre. The cost of this diesel is 40 per cent of the current price of diesel. Not only that, the usage of this particular biodiesel drastically reduces air pollution. After seven years of running behind the Indian Patent Office, he finally received the patent for the “biodiesel produced from rendered chicken oil”.

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The invention was born out of his doctoral research at the Namakkal Veterinary College (under the Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University). In 2014, the pilot project was later tested out in Pookode Veterinary College where the vehicles there used this diesel. This was done after receiving a quality certificate from Bharat Petroleum’s Kochi Refinery. It took seven years for him to get a patent because he needed permission from the National Biodiversity Authority to source the raw material.

How does it work? John Abraham said that birds and pigs have single stomachs, which has higher fat saturation. This makes it easy to render oil from it without the need for a controlled environment. 100 kg of chicken waste can produce one litre of biodiesel. If a vehicle uses this diesel, the engine efficiency increases by 11 per cent and smoke pollution reduces by over 47 per cent.

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At present, John and his team of three students are looking to create biodiesel using pig waste.

John Abraham is willing to sell his patent for a one-time payment or an annual royalty. He doesn’t wish to commercialise the project himself as he isn’t a business person. However, he would still like to continue his research in the field and provide as many inputs as he can.

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