Best Anime Series To Watch If You Like These Themes

For the uninitiated, Anime is Japanese television animation that is suitable for both adult and child viewing. When we think of anime, we generally associate it with  “Dragon Ball Z”, the “cartoon” we all used to watch on Cartoon Network. But, the fact is that Anime is much more than that. Audiences generally look at Anime as childish entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, mature themes are the core of the vast majority of anime series. The topics that are considered taboo are well discussed too. Here is a couple of anime series to watch if you like these themes.

Inspiration and Motivation

Anime is a great source of motivation. You should check out Naruto, Haikyu! and My Hero Academia if you are looking for a boost of morale. When you see your favourite characters perform well in a flame of motivation, you are automatically inclined to strive in your work and perform with motivation.

Best Anime Series To Watch If You Like These Themes
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Coping with Loneliness

You see, when dealing with loneliness, people often look for an escape and turn to content that is presented in a relatable manner. Anime series such as Mob Psycho 100 and March Comes In Like A Lion shows a world where teenagers suffer from mental health issues but are not accepted by the people around them. Many viewers turn to these animes to cope with their issues as well.


With the recent events of the Taliban, it is important to address the issue of how terrorism is still present in today’s world. Terror in Resonance portrays how teenagers are put into a terrorist organization from the time they are born. They have no means of getting out. The people who put these children do not care about their lives or think about the impact it has on them.

Best Anime Series To Watch If You Like These Themes
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Greed Was, Is, And Will Always Be Disastrous

Greed is a toxic habit humans possess but we are not likely to notice it ourselves until things get out of hand. Death Note explains that, with power, we subconsciously move into a place where we forget our roots and face the consequence of misusing anything for our greed.

Toxic Parenting

Toxic parenting is a term that is still taboo. We see parents as the embodiment of goodwill, but they often push children into doing things they dislike or have no interest in. Your Lie in April portrays how parents do not care about the hardships of children and just want to see them succeed, ignoring their mental health and stress.

Isolation And Negligence By Government

There are still some parts of the world where people are unable to use social media, don’t have access to modern technology and are unable to even get a haircut of their choice. Attack on Titan tells the story of how the people ruling over us hide their real agendas and how we are made to believe that their rule is always right. The right to question and criticise the government is now a mere statement printed in books. This show portrays it all.

Amoral and Adventure

Just like how greed destroys a person, the instincts humans have when they see another life form as a threat is portrayed excellently in Hunter x Hunter. At first, it may seem like another adventure anime. However, the more we dive deep into it, the more depth it holds.

The way Anime handles different themes ranging from a wide variety of topics is remarkable. It is high time we see Anime as a form of cultural art and not just an arid piece of animation. There are many people who share a respect for this art form. That said, the age-old notion of anime being an unsophisticated and inexperienced piece of art persists, ignoring the true value it holds.

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