Amidst Floods, Kerala Couple Reaches Wedding Hall In A Cooking Vessel

Flood or not, this couple from Kerala were determined to get married. The couple, Akash and Aishwarya, were supposed to get married at a wedding venue, but they started to wonder if it was possible in this flood. But, surprisingly, a cooking vessel was their blessing in disguise.

Akash and Aishwarya were dead set on getting married and not delay their wedding further. So, they got creative. They had to find a way to reach the wedding hall at Thalavady without getting drenched in the pool of water in their surrounding areas. So, they used an aluminium cooking vessel as their mode of transportation to reach the venue on time. We’re not joking, this actually happened.

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Amidst Rains, Kerala Couple Reaches Wedding Hall In A Cooking Vessel
Photo: Manorama

Love sure has no bounds. And this couple proved so.

Here’s a little background about the couple.

Both Akash and Aishwarya are health workers who fell in love. Since their relationship was an inter-caste one, they had to get a registered marriage done. Aishwarya’s uncle opposed the relationship, but the couple went on to sign nuptial papers on Oct 5th. Legally, they were wedded.

But, the couple wanted to tie a knot in a temple in a ceremonial manner. Luckily, they found a temple at Thalavady that was ready to wed the couple as soon as possible. A day prior to the wedding, the swami called Akash asking if they wanted to postpone the wedding as the rains were harsh and the venue was flooded.

Akash and Aishwarya didn’t want to delay it further as they didn’t know when they would both get a leave. Soon, arrangements were made to transport the couple in a cooking vessel, produced by the temple authorities. They reached the makeshift venue on time and the wedding was conducted smoothly.

Little did they know that they would turn out to be an internet sensation. This is the first time such an event has taken this in this manner.

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