All You Need To Know About India’s First Water Metro In Kochi

In a significant development for the public transportation sector in India, the first phase of the country’s first Water Metro was inaugurated on April 25 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Kerala. The Kochi Water Metro is expected to be a highly effective mode of transportation, connecting ten islands along a network of routes that span 78 km with a fleet of 78 fast, electrically propelled hybrid ferries plying to 38 jetties.

The starting price for water metro tickets has been set at ₹20, making it an affordable and accessible option for the people of Kochi. Passengers will also be able to use Kochi 1 cards to travel via both the Kochi Metro and the Kochi Water Metro, providing a seamless experience across different modes of transportation.

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The project implemented by Kerala Water Metro Limited is a pioneering effort in the public sector, with multiple boats operating as a unified fleet. As an added convenience, all boats will be air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers. Furthermore, the boat windows have been designed to offer a wide view of the scenic backwaters, further enhancing the travel experience.

The first phase of this project will soon be operational and offer services from terminal High Court-Vypin to terminal Vyttila-Kakkanad. This is just the beginning, as plans are already in place for the second phase of the project, which will see the Water Metro expand further and connect to more islands in the region.

The Kochi Water Metro serves as a remarkable model for sustainable and inventive public transportation that can have a positive impact on the environment while offering a reasonable and convenient option for travellers. It is expected that this project will encourage comparable efforts in other regions of the nation, ultimately enhancing the entire transportation infrastructure and promoting accessibility for all.

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