Alamelu Ammal: Meet The Achaaru Maami Of Palakkad

As you all know Kerala is a place of diversity. Each district in Kerala differs from the other on various socio-cultural factors. Each place has its signature or famous food and food spots. Ramassery Idli, Kalan, Seva, etc. are some famous dishes from the Palakkad district. Alamelu Ammal’s pickles is one such thing that can be included on this list. Alamelu Ammal, also known as Achaaru Maami, is a resident of Kalpathy town in Palakkad district. She is known for her mouth-watering pickles, which she started selling 30 years ago.

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Credits: The New Indian Express

Alamelu Ammal is 85 years old now, and she continues to make and sell her pickles because of her interest in the art of pickling. She started making pickles from her childhood. She grew up in Kannur, and he home was surrounded by mango trees. Back then, her hobby was to collect mangoes and make pickles using them. She gave the pickles she made to her relatives and neighbours. Though not a business, that’s where Ammal’s pickle journey started.

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She started her pickle business when she shifted to Kalpathy after marriage. The business started with a sale of around 3 kg per day, and has now grown to 10 kg per day. She does everything from cleaning mangoes to bottling the pickle all by herself. She says that choosing the right mangoes is crucial to make good quality pickles. Ammal does not add any preservatives and it takes about 6 months to make one batch. All this makes sure that the taste and quality of Ammal’s pickles remain consistent and authentic.

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Videos published by bloggers on social media platforms about Alamelu Ammal gave her pickles the marketing push it needed. Now she has started receiving orders from people from other states and foreign countries. Ammal does not deliver her pickle to anyone. You will have to go to her house and purchase it yourself. Currently, Alamelu Ammal charges ₹100 for 250g and ₹200 for 500g.

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