9 Things That Palakkadkaar Say

A piece of land encompassed by beautiful mountains, lush green forests, and paddy fields n all sides, stretching beyond the horizon and as far as the eye can see, Palakkad has always been the land of mystics, magic, and rich cultural heritage.

This fertile piece of land is indeed the gateway to Kerala and has been an important economic site since time immemorial. Lords, kings, and empires have fought to control it through war, trade and economics. This was also an important pit stop to travelling tradesmen from various fiefdoms of Tamil Nadu and Andhra, and hence cultural exchange right from language to fairs and festival have happened here

You could be travelling inside Palakkad and as you near the border, the scenery shifts dramatically to that of an interior Tamil Village. Hence it was pretty important for us Palakkadians to maintain our language. It’s so phonetically funny that we always made sure to crack thy ribs with laughter. So let’s check out 9 words that a normal Palakkadian will use in day to day conversation.

Are there other words that you can think of? Which slang should we pick for our next article? Let us know in the comments section.

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