8 Malayalam Actors Who Stunned Us With Their Singing Abilities

Mollywood is blessed with several artists who are outstanding in their craft. Several of these artists have tried their hand in other aspects of a film, which is different from their area of expertise. Singing is one of them. We have seen several actors rendering songs, and blowing our minds away with their sheer brilliance. Here’s me listing out eight such actors who surprised us with their singing abilities. In no particular order, here are the artists:

Indrajith Sukumaran

Indrajith Sukumaran entered the film industry as a child artist and later made his formal debut in 2002. Since then, he has starred in several films, in a career spanning around 20 years. All through these years, he has portrayed different types of roles. In 2003, he had sung a song. But, when he rendered the peppy number Premamennal from Amar Akbar Anthony, people started to notice the singer in him. He has sung over 12 songs in total and we would love to hear more from him. 

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Nazriya Nazim

Nazriya started her acting career as a child artist and later on, played small and big roles in several films. She grew to become one of the most dependable actresses in the industry. However, apart from acting, Nazriya is also known to lend her voice to a few songs. She sang her first song for the film Salala Mobiles, in which she sang the song La La Lasa, composed by Gopi Sunder. She then once again sang for Gopi Sunder in Bangalore Days. It is with this song that people started to recognise her as a singer. She also sang two songs for Fahadh Faasil’s Varathan.

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One of the most hardworking and promising actors of today’s time has to be Jayasurya. The way he rose to prominence from being a mimicry artist to a television show host to playing side roles and finally attaining stardom is nothing less than an inspiration. Apart from portraying some iconic characters in various genres of movies, Jayasurya is also a great singer. Though he made his singing debut in 2008, it was only in 2013 that we noticed Jayasurya the singer. His rendition of the song Aashichavan for the film Punyalan Agarbattis, was such a refreshing one to listen to. The unique tone of his voice adds grace to the song and makes it something which we would instantly vibe to. Jayasurya as a singer is definitely a great talent and should be singing more songs. Who knows, Mr Perfectionist in terms of acting could also become a Mr Perfectionist in terms of singing as well?

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Biju Menon

Biju Menon has had a tumultuous acting career by reaching great heights, somehow losing the prominence and then re-discovering himself. However, the fact that he is a highly skilful actor is something which we cannot deny. In addition to being such a talented actor, Biju Menon also possesses a distinct voice, with which he has sung several songs for films. He tries his best to align with the tune the music director required for the song, and it pays off in such a brilliant way. Through the song Eru Nottam from Chettaayees, Biju Menon started being noticed as a talented singer too. From then on, he has sung songs in a few of his movies, which have all turned out to be chartbusters.

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Remya Nambeesan

Remya Nambeesan is one of those actresses who kept trying till she got a breakthrough. After portraying several innocent and village girl roles, Remya changed her script selection techniques and chose bolder and stronger characters. This eventually paved the way for her prominence. Apart from being a great actress, Remya Nambeesan is a phenomenal singer as well. Who can forget the ever famous Aande Londe from Ivan Megharoopan? Her unique voice, which has a folk touch with western influences and a tinge of Carnatic style makes her voice stand out when she sings. Her singing abilities gave her the opportunity to render Tamil and Telugu songs, as well as, to sing the dubbed versions of prominent Telugu songs. Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava‘s Malayalam dub Oo Cholluno Oo Oo Cholluno is the latest addition to the list of Remya Nambeesan’s exceptional discography.

Unni Mukundan

From starring in small roles to playing villain roles and finally headlining several projects, Unni Mukundan has come a long way. Amidst all this, Unni Mukundan has also surprised his fans with his beautiful rendition of several songs. He debuted as a singer in the 2017 film Achayans, wherein he sang the song Anuraagam Puthumazha Pole. The sweetness in his voice is undeniable. He has sung around 5 songs so far. We would for sure want to listen to more songs sung by Unni Mukundan. 

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Darshana Rajendran

From acting in theatre plays to becoming one of the most sought after actresses in the current times, Darshana Rajendran has constantly evolved and grown as an actress. But how many of us know that Darshana also owns a beautiful voice? Her first notable singing venture was the rendition of the Hindi classic song Bavra Mann for Maayanadhi. This song was an instant hit amongst the listeners. Soon, she got the opportunity to sing in Hridayam’s music album. Here’s a fun fact: Darshana Rajendran got to sing the female portions in the song Darshana, which is based on the character Darshana Rajendran plays in Hridayam named Darshana, and Darshana Rajendran features in the song as well!. How cool is that?

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Arjun Ashokan

The son of legendary actor Harisree Ashokan, Arjun has worked hard to rise to prominence with each acting performance. 2021 was definitely the year when Arjun Ashokan gained a lot of prominences. It was also the year we got to know that Arjun sings well. Perhaps, the most surprising singer on the whole list, Arjun Ashokan really hit it out of the park when he rendered the song Kadamkadhayai from Aaha. The song was a chartbuster. With the release of his new song from Member Rameshan 9 am Ward, we now know that he has the potential to become big.

Here are a few actors who absolutely stunned all of us, with their excellent singing abilities. Without a doubt, there are more actors who have sung songs and surprised us. List down in the comment section the actors who surprised you with their singing abilities. 


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