5 Unique Backwater Resorts in Kerala

Prepare to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as we unravel five unique backwater resorts in Kerala. Grab your sunglasses and a sense of astonishment because you’re going to enter a world where paradise is a reality just waiting to be discovered, not some far-off fantasy!

Kumarakom Lake Resort

5 Unique Backwater Resorts in Kerala

Kumarakom Lake Resort is one of the best backwater resorts in Kerala to have an opulent vacation. This resort, which is located on the calm beaches of Vembanad Lake, combines luxury with heritage. Imagine luxurious accommodations with their own plunge pools, like private pool villas!

If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate yourself, you can try Ayurvedic therapies which are handled by trained therapists. Additionally, you can enjoy boat trips across the lovely backwaters and experience a smooth glide through the waters. Birdwatchers will be thrilled to see Kerala’s distinctive bird species in the area surrounding the resort.

Now, let’s discuss food! The resort’s restaurants offer a delightful selection of cuisines and treats. “Vembanad, the Seafood Bar” and “Ettukettu, the Speciality Restaurant” serve delectable fresh seafood dishes, such as the ‘Karimeen pollichathu in Birdseye Chilli gravy’ and ‘coconut squid,’ which are a must-try. But here’s the hidden gem – “Thattukada,” a traditional tea shop where you can enjoy authentic Kerala tea and snacks like hot ‘pazhamporis’ while taking in the beautiful view! Every visitor to Kumarakom Lake Resort is guaranteed to have a unique and enjoyable experience. Your slice of paradise is waiting for you here!

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Purity, Lake Vembanad

Purity is one of the best eco-friendly backwater resorts in Kerala that offers an authentic link with nature, and it is tucked away next to the lovely Vembanad Lake. The resort offers exquisitely furnished rooms with captivating lake views so that guests may completely experience Kerala’s backwater charm. Notably, Purity emphasizes farm-to-table eating and serves delicious, fresh food that has been produced locally.

In this serene environment, yoga and meditation activities are readily available for people looking for inner serenity. The resort’s interiors combine modern comfort with ecologically friendly design to offer guests a pleasant yet conscientious stay. 

Take a savoury trip by feasting on Kerala’s regional delicacies, like their Travancore tiger prawn and the Vembanad Platter is a must-try!

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Coconut Lagoon

5 Unique Backwater Resorts in Kerala

One of India’s largest inland lakes, Vembanad Lake, is home to Coconut Lagoon, a hidden treasure with a unique and lively environment brimming with natural beauty. This resort stands out for its unique water access, where your adventure starts with a pleasant boat ride from its own jetty, setting the mood for an exciting and relaxing vacation. 

Coconut Lagoon is a birdwatcher’s paradise, offering you days of quiet bird watching amid its beautiful surroundings. The guest cottages are historic structures that were painstakingly built from the remains of old mansions called “Tharavads,” which were previously the residences of the area’s nobility. Coconut Lagoon maintains a holy grove, a pure forest dedicated to nature, sustaining a beloved ecosystem in harmony with the environment.

Dining here is a unique experience, with Paddy Hut Dining allowing you to savour your meals amidst picturesque paddy huts beside a serene lagoon. Also, their special curry lunch cannot be missed, it’s like an explosion of flavours! The resort additionally offers guests the chance to get up close and personal with their in-house cows if they’re looking for a true rural experience. Coconut Lagoon guarantees you a holiday that is both a fun and rejuvenating getaway where comfort meets adventure!

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Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere

The luxurious Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere is a backwater resort situated between Cochin, Alleppey, and Kumarakom on the beautiful backwaters of Vayalar, close to Cherthala. Superior, Deluxe, Heritage, Deluxe Suite, Vasundhara Suite, Floating Cottages, and Fully Air-conditioned Houseboats are among the several types of rooms available at the resort.

An opulent spa with eight treatment rooms that are expertly run offers traditional Ayurvedic and Western therapies, including rejuvenation programs, spine care, and skin care, all under the direction of an on-site Ayurvedic Doctor.

Paddle boating, quiet fishing, and backwater rides are available to guests along with their many other outdoor activities. The legendary “One Meter Chaya” prepared by local expert Mohan Chetan, coastal Kerala culinary demonstrations by Chef Thankappan, and outdoor feasts showcasing Syrian Christian cuisine like Chicken Mappas and Vazha Koomb Thoran are just a few of the classic delights that foodies can relish in Kerala.

The resort provides a toddy shop and open-air meals with specialities like Kanava Tengakottu Ularthiyathu for an unforgettable dining experience. On the other hand, guests can unwind and savour a stunning sunset in a cabana with loved ones whilst taking part in traditional cultural activities. At the yoga terrace, there is also a 45-minute yoga class offered for your introspection for yourself. Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere ensures guests have an exceptional experience by offering a unique and memorable stay.

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Backwater Ripples

5 Unique Backwater Resorts in Kerala

Backwater Ripples expertly mixes the beauty of nature with modern amenities, guaranteeing a memorable getaway. The lodgings provide calm comfort with a combination of traditional Kerala architecture and contemporary comforts.

Choose from elegant apartments and cottages, each with breathtaking views of a garden or backwater. Experience the tastes of Kerala and other cuisines at our popular restaurant, along with perfect cocktails and energizing drinks at the Taproom bar. Take in the moment, spend time swimming, enjoying the spa services, and thrilling water sports on the backwaters. Fitness buffs are welcome to utilize their cutting-edge gym. Don’t forget to take an amazing Shikkara sail through the beautiful Vembanad Lake.

They offer a 24-hour service available, as well as a business centre, laundry facilities, a fitness club, a children’s play area, and more. Try their best Barbeque Chicken and Juicy chicken sandwiches at the Multi Cuisine Restaurant for exploring North Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines, or visit the Lake Side Barbecue Restaurant for Indian and seafood grills. Experience a wonderful and comfortable holiday amidst the lush backdrop at Backwater Ripples.

Your ticket to heaven is one of these five distinctive backwater resorts in Kerala. Kerala’s backwaters always have something unique in store for everyone, whether you’re a water baby, a nature fanatic, or simply someone who needs a serious digital detox. Don’t let the charm pass you by; let’s sail to this tropical paradise together! 

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