11 Forgotten Malayalam Television Serials

Television shows from the ‘good old days’ bring in lots of memories, don’t they? We tried to dig up some popular ones from the past. Though now they seem a bit logicless, back then, we loved them! Don’t agree with us? Check out the list and decide for yourself. Here are some forgotten Malayalam television serials!

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Hello Kuttichathan

A show that modernised the good, old Kuttichatan from the old myths and folk tales. Maybe, we can say that this show gave our beloved Kuttichatan a stylish makeover (90s style of course!). Also, the title song made all of us groove with the protagonists. Not to forget the immense popularity of the BSA cycles after this show hit the screens. Shane Nigam, Abhirami Suresh and Navneeth Madhav came to the limelight after this. The plot revolved around four kids helped by Kuttichatan in various instances.

Kadamuthath Kattanar

A very popular priest who exorcised ghosts and demons using spells (please excuse us Ed and Lauren Warren!). This was the main theme of the show. Each episode showcased how Kathanaar used his powers to fight evil. It’s funny to think how things that scared us in the past make us laugh now! This used to be one of the scariest shows on TV. Every episode had a unique demon or ghost with a monstrous form, spiting blood or flying around in a white saree!

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Ente Manasaputri

The plot revolved around the story of two orphaned girls. These girls redefined the definition of love, friendship, and hatred. The story was about finding their family and fighting for a common love interest. Also, unknowingly this show set some major stereotypes in fashion among girls of the generation. Wanna be a Vamp? Go for jeans or a skirt. Be MODERN. Wear traditional if you wanna be the innocent good girl of the story!

Thus, this show paved the way for the rise of an era of Vamp culture in the Malayalam television industry. Also, this started off the trend of an innocent, weakling heroine with a contrasting rival. This still rules the television industry!

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Swami Ayyapan

One of the famous forgotten Malayalam television serials is Swami Ayyapan. This mythological show was very popular among Malayali masses. It revolved around the life of Lord Ayyapa. This also tried to explain how the ultimate victory goes to the righteous cause. The unrealistic CGI made many of us keen watchers of the show. (It might give you a good laugh now though!)

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If we’re discussing high school drama – Kerala edition, then this cannot be missed. The concept of friendship and animosity among the school students was the theme of the show. Back in 2011, the gang called “5 FINGERS” (the protagonists’ gang) was quite popular among teens in Kerala. Even the antagonist of this show had a huge fan base (C.K if you remember!). This show was a relief from the usual melodramatic ones that existed back then though.


Many of us must’ve forgotten this show! But the title song, “Asha kushale, Pennundo, Pennine Minnundo?”, might ring a bell. A poor father trying to raise 5 daughters alone after their mother’s demise is the base of the show. This show was on air for a long time (5 years to be exact) and so most of us must’ve seen it at some point!

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Omanatingal Pakshi

The most loved television soap opera that brought Lena into fame. The fresh theme of this show attracted a huge audience making it an instant hit. The show revolved around a woman who gets separated from her child. The plot of the show revolved around her journey of suffering, loneliness, and sacrifices.

Kayamkulam Kochunni

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular shows on television. The story is set in the British era and talks of a boy who becomes a thief after being mistreated by the rich. The lead actors ended up gaining quite a lot of popularity because of this show, and it had (/has) quite a large fan following.


This is another show that revolved around a mother and child who get separated from each other. As the plot progresses, the two of them try to find each other. This show was the remake of the Hindi show Maa. The story depicted the struggles faced by an abducted child who forced to be a beggar.

Alaavudheente Albhutha vilakku

The underlying plot of this show was – Arabian Nights with Aladdin and the magic lamp. A few Kerala spices were thrown into the original and thus, this show went on to be a hit. The term “JeemBoomBaa” rose to fame and then got converted to meme sauce after the success of this show.


If you loved thrillers and murder mysteries, then you must have seen this show! This was a popular show on Asianet known for its horror genre (we doubt if it seems so even now 😉 ). The plot revolves around a rape victim who is determined to kill the people who wronged her. Mystery, exorcism and paranormal activities combine to make this show a good watch. Another example of how our pop culture is filled with wronged women who turn into ghosts.

So that was our list of forgotten Malayalam television serials. But we know for sure that there are many that we did not mention here. Tell us in the comments if we’ve missed your favourite!

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