Zostel has now Open its Doors in Ernakulam – Come, check it out

If you’re in the mood for a travel trip as vibrant as an artist’s palette, then Zostel Kochi is your passport to a memorable vacation in the heart of Ernakulam. After opening its first branch in Fort Kochi, Zostel has now opened a second branch in Kadavanthra. When you step into the premises of Zostel Kochi, you’re not just walking into a hostel; you’re entering a lively space of experiences. This top-rated branded hostel, located just a short distance from the city centre, promises much more than just a place to sleep.

Zostel has now Open its Doors in Ernakulam - Come, check it out

Artwork at Every Turn

As soon as you walk in, you are welcomed by a dazzling kaleidoscope of wall art that decorates the hostel’s interiors. It’s a haven for artists and free spirits, making it the ideal spot for creative travellers seeking inspiration.

Social Hub

Zostel Kochi is more than a mere place for rest; it’s actually a spot to connect with fellow guests from all over the world. The cozy common area is a gathering place for sharing stories, laughter, and a love for exploring. The bustling social atmosphere here ensures that you’ll depart with memorable recollections.

Zostel has now Open its Doors in Ernakulam - Come, check it out

Comfortable Accommodations

Whether you’re looking for a lively dorm to meet new friends or a cosy private room for some solitude, Zostel Kochi has something for everyone. It strikes the ideal mix between community and solitude, ensuring that everyone experiences a pleasant say. They have a six-bed mixed dorm, a 10-bed mixed dorm, a Deluxe private room, and a six-bed female dorm.

Front Yard Oasis 

Step out to the front yard, where a comfortable seating area awaits. There’s also an exclusive food shack providing tempting treats and beverages, ideal for tantalizing your taste buds. You can also unwind on a swing set while sipping a cup of chai and observing the world go by.

Cafe and Game Room

Zostel Kochi pushes things a step further by offering a cafe and game room where you can unwind, relish some wonderful food, and fight fellow visitors to board games or video games. It’s the ideal approach to spice up your stay.

Zostel has now Open its Doors in Ernakulam - Come, check it out

So, if you’re seeking for an exciting spot to stay in Ernakulam, Zostel Kochi is the gateway to the heart and soul of Kerala. Pack your luggage and prepare for an adventure filled with laughter, warmth, and amazing memories. It’s an idyllic location to unwind, read, and converse about Fort Kochi’s charm and spectacular beauty that you simply cannot miss! 

Location: Zostel Kochi (Ernakulam), 54-251-A, Kumaranasan Rd, Kadavanthara, North Block, Kumaranasan Nagar, Elamkulam, Ernakulam

Prices:  Starting from Rs.699/-

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