#WithTheNuns: The Handwritten Letters Of Solidarity

In light of the acquittal of 57-year-old Franco Mulakkal, several women have shared their solidarity with the survivor by sharing handwritten letters. For these women, the fight for justice still continues just as for the nun who was raped by Franco 13 times between 2014 and 2016. These handwritten letters of solidarity show respect to the nun who had to put up a long fight. It doesn’t stop here. Rather, it will carry on till justice is served. We are #WithTheNuns.

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Lending your support is all it takes to give survivors the courage to stand up even if they fall. When the Additional Sessions Court in Kerala acquitted Franco, most of us were extremely disappointed. Imagine the plight of the survivor. Many of us didn’t want the sisters at Kuruvilngad convent to lose faith despite what went underway. Therefore, as a way to show solidarity, many women from Kerala came out to stand #WithTheNuns by writing letters to them. 

Have a look:

If you also want to send a message to the sisters (or Sister X) write one, post it and mail solidarity2sisters@gmail.com. Your letters will be hand-delivered. If you’re wondering why you should do this, think about what the survivor is going through. It’s important that we help each other stand strong. The kindest, most encouraging way we can do so is by showing solidarity so that they know we are #WithTheNuns.

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