Wimbledon’s Kerala Boat Race Tribute – Splendour on the Backwaters

The official Facebook page of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship recently featured an illustration that paid respect to Kerala’s legendary boat race in a beautiful combination of sporting prowess and cultural reverence. The beautiful artwork, which depicts top-ranking tennis players rowing traditional boats across the stunning backwaters of Kerala, has grabbed the hearts of tennis fans and Kerala admirers alike.

Wimbledon’s tweet has had over 94,300 views since it went live on July 3 and continues to generate attention from social media fans worldwide. Twitterati has expressed their delight and admiration for the poster, with comments brimming with enthusiasm and thanks for the tournament’s acknowledgment of Kerala’s beauty and legacy.

The image promotes the major tennis extravaganza and depicts the cordial bond between London and Kerala. The words “Kerala” followed by an emoji handshake and “London” form a bridge of camaraderie, signifying the connection between these two iconic locations. With the message, “Ready for the yearly boat race! “Ready for the annual boat race! Who will be lifting the 2023 Wimbledon Championships?” questions the poster, capturing the soul of tradition.

Wimbledon's Kerala Boat Race Tribute - Splendour on the Backwaters

According to Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas, this recognition by Wimbledon represents the efficacy of his department’s ongoing global marketing efforts. Kerala’s iconic boat race is prominently featured on Wimbledon’s digital platforms, including their official Facebook page and Twitter handle, demonstrating the state’s attraction as a tourism destination. According to the minister, this is not the first time Kerala has attracted the attention of major worldwide sports events.

Wimbledon’s Kerala boat race poster has an influence that goes beyond social media engagement. It will considerably boost Kerala Tourism’s global appeal. The timing couldn’t be better, with the boat race season beginning with the famed Champakulam Boat Race on the serene backwaters of Kuttanad.

The global spotlight on Kerala’s annual Champion’s Boat League (CBL) would pique and captivate travelers’ interest. According to the minister, traditional boat races have long been a prominent feature of Kerala tourism in international travel, trade fairs, and roadshows, attracting worldwide attention and admiration.

The Wimbledon boat race poster continues to excite Malayali netizens, evoking nostalgia and fond recollections of the fascinating boat races that have become an intrinsic part of Kerala’s cultural fabric. Aside from the boat race tribute, the Wimbledon Facebook page has a poster of Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic paying homage to the legendary “Naatu Naatu” song on Wimbledon’s green grass court.

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