Why Watching Spadikam In The Theatre Gave Me Full Feels

After 28 years, Spadikam was re-released in theatres worldwide with the help of the latest technology, i.e., in 4K Dolby Atmos. Surprisingly, for a re-release movie, it has become a huge hit. Let’s see why we all loved watching it on the big screen.

The Iconic Aadu Thoma

Why Watching Spadikam In The Theatre Gave Me Full Feels

The most exciting factor of this movie is its protagonist, one of the most celebrated characters in Mollywood, ie. Aadu Thoma a.k.a Thomas Chacko. The depth of this character is profound. Known for his mass appeal, the character also shows his emotional attachment to other supporting characters. If Mundu Parichu Adi was given a patent, it would be owned by Aadu Thoma. Be it fight scenes, punch dialogues, emotions, romance and even humour, Aadu Thoma was a complete package. Rightly so, he was awarded State Award for Best Actor for the same. Just imagine a mass character getting a State Award!


Why Watching Spadikam In The Theatre Gave Me Full Feels

The freshness in the script is one of the main factors for the movie’s longevity. Whether it was the father-son, mother-son, brother-sister relationship or friendship, all emotions were perfectly balanced and connected well with the audience. The credit goes to the director and scriptwriter for making an excellent film.

The Wonderful Cast

The beauty of this film lies in the depthness each character possesses. Each of them was detailed well, whether Chacko Mash, Manimala Vakachan, Thulasi, Kuttikadan, Mary or even Gafoor. Through this film, we could witness the legend Thilakan Sir at his best. The way he portrayed Chacko Mash’s character was so perfect that even his dialogues like “Bhugolathinte oro Spanathanam Kanakilaanu, without Mathematics, bhumi verum oru Vatta Pujyam aanu” is still famous.

Listening to Ezhimala Poonjola and watching Laila (Silk Smitha) groove remains iconic. Truth be told, this film significantly impacted Silk Smitha, and her fanbase increased drastically.

Everlasting Moments

Why Watching Spadikam In The Theatre Gave Me Full Feels

By moments here, I mean dialogues, songs and even particular scenes which are still famous and everlasting.

From “Ithente puthan RayBan glass, ith chavutti poticha ninte kaal njn vettum” by Aadu Thoma to the Ba Ba Baa’s by Chacko Mash, there are dialogues which will stay in our minds forever. Special Mention “OLAKKA” by Father Ottaplakkam as it has a separate fanbase.

All the songs in this movie were good. Ezhimala Poonjola went onto another level. It became so famous that even now, people dance to this song at events, private gatherings, etc.

This movie has scenes that people will never forget. Remember the Mundu Parichu Adi or the scene where Chacko Mash erases Chekuthan from the Lorry and writes Spadikam? All these have a special place in our hearts.

Eagerness of Youth

People like me who were born in the late 20 century or the 21st century couldn’t witness such a movie on the big screen. We all grew up watching Spadikam on our TVs, laptops, phones etc. Even after doing so, Aadu Thoma has a huge fan base among children and youth. So imagine what it would be like watching this movie on the big screen in 4K Dolby Atmos. So when Bhadran Sir decided to re-release the movie, it was like a dream come true to many youngsters like us.

We also wish to see many other movies re-released on big screens. Let this be the start for many. Which movie do you wish next to be re-released?

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