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Where Do You Get Tibetan Food In Kerala?

We bet you didn’t know you could even get Tibetan food in Kerala. It might not be close to the original flavours of Tibetan cuisine, but the experience of trying out a new flavour is, well, worth it. Tibetan food has a lot of influence from Sichuan, Indian and Nepalese food cultures. So you can only imagine the unique cuisine style you are in for. Here are a few restaurants in Kerala that serve Tibetan food. 

Tibetan Chef’s Restaurant

Location: I/942, KB Jacob Rd, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

Tibetan Chef’s Restaurant is this cute, laid-back place to have some really good Tibetan food. You’d be surprised by the variety of food options available. Many customers rave about their Shezwan chicken fried momos, chicken noodles and chop suey. There are of course more options for you to choose from. The restaurant has two floors for dining, but since it is a hotspot, it’s crowded most of the time.

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 Tibetan Food In Kerala

Tibet Kitchen

Location: KB Jacob Rd, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001

Tibet Kitchen is an upgrade from Tibetan Chef’s Restaurant. The food is good, the ambience is great, and overall, the experience is worth the visit. The place is pretty cheap budget-wise and quite friendly. 

Little Tibet

Location: Varkala, Kerala 695141

It can be a task to find this location so seek help from the locals around or call up the restaurant. You will love their take on the thukpa, mokhtuk and momos. It’s delicious!

Tibetan Restaurant and German Bar 

Location: PPQ2+68Q, Varkala, Kerala 695141

This restaurant falls on the pricier side, do keep that in mind. Sip on a pint of beer, and enjoy the view while you take a bite of their delicious food. If you are not in the mood for Tibetan food, they serve Indian food too.

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If you have been wanting to try (Indian) Tibetan food in Kerala, now you know where to head to. These were a few places we found but if there are more, do let us know in the comment section.

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