When Society Teaches you to Sexualise Women, you get People like Alencier who says that ‘The Bronze Lady’ is Tempting

During the recent Kerala State Film Awards event, popular Malayalam actor Alencier Ley Lopez sparked uproar with his alleged misogynistic remarks, raising significant concerns about the industry’s misogyny and discrimination. His comments not only aroused controversy but also stressed the need for an in-depth examination of the numerous layers of discrimination that continue to exist in the entertainment industry.

It is ironic that these derogatory comments were made at a time when Kerala’s Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, emphasized the importance of defending women’s rights, fighting against movies that objectify women, and empowering women financially in the film industry. While accepting the Kerala government’s special jury award, Alencier made an outrageous statement. He claimed that being presented with a trophy modelled after a woman tempted him sexually and expressed his desire for an award symbolizing male strength and power. This remark trivialized the fight for gender equality and portrayed women as mere objects of enticement. Additionally, Alencier implied that women objectify men, thereby deflecting accountability from himself and onto his female coworkers.

At a point when the state’s highest authority was advocating the cause of gender equality and making advances to ensure women’s dignity and respect, Alencier Ley Lopez’s shocking words communicated a chilling message. They highlighted the stark contrast between the promises of empowerment and the deeply ingrained misogyny that still plagues our society. This inconsistency is a stark reminder that the battle for women’s rights and gender equality is far from over, particularly in areas where it should be most vigorously advocated.

A Legacy Etched in Bronze

Malayattoor Ramakrishnan’s Kerala State Film Award trophy is a treasured symbol of recognition and artistic brilliance in the world of Indian cinema. This stunning sculpture, created with great precision in 1969, reflects more than simply an accolade; it represents the very soul of cinematic craftsmanship that has thrived in Kerala over the decades. The design of the award is ambiguous and interesting at first glance. The award features a female figure with her right hand held in a dancing seal stance, her left hand gently lowered, and her shape slightly tilting to the right. The imprecise facial features of the figure inspire interpretation and analysis, transforming it into an artistic marvel that represents the intricacy and depth of cinema as a whole.

Lesbian Remarks and Troubling Applause and the Even Bizarre Explanation

Alencier’s comment, while explaining the situation, suggested that a prize with both male and female representations could produce descendants, exposing his hidden and insensitive ideas. He claimed that the lone female figure on the trophy was a lesbian, revealing an awful misunderstanding of both human sexuality and the deeper meaning inherent in the award.

The shockwaves, however, did not end there.

Alencier’s demeaning outburst continued as he made hurtful remarks about a reporter, comparing him to the statue, which he described as “dark, fat, and round.” His words took a darker turn when he bluntly asked the reporter whether they had the nerve to reveal how many times they had masturbated in front of a group of female reporters, who immediately became uneasy. One journalist from the Reporter channel has even filed a complaint against the actor for his words while reporting the incident.

The Alarming Support and Danger of Trivialization

Equally disturbing was the applause and support Alencier received from a subset of the crowd during the event, further extending to organizations such as the Men’s Association, reflecting a sharp light on the prevalent misogyny in our society. The backing he received for his sexist remarks shows the urgency to question and correct these outdated ideas and beliefs in the progressive economy we believe we live in. The weirdest part is that these kinds of circumstances are typically dismissed as jokes, lighthearted banter, or justified by the offender’s claim of being angry and disturbed. This normalization of this kind of discrimination reinforces negative preconceptions and an atmosphere of gender inequality, creating a very hostile environment for women in both the film business and society at large.

Impact of the Misogynistic and Derogatory remarks

In a time where there has been increased awareness about gender discrimination and the struggle for equality, the Alencier Ley Lopez issue exemplifies the persistent discrimination women suffer, even in domains that should promote equality. We must go beyond symbols and actively combat unfair treatment, hold individuals accountable for their behaviour, and strive for true gender equality. Alencier’s remarks not only belittled the honour but also brought out a larger problem in our society of demeaning and humiliating women. His statements sent the message that women’s accomplishments are secondary and merely subject to objectification.

The Kerala State Film Award trophy, now tainted by sexism and controversy, is now at a significant crossroads. It has survived the storm of discrimination, functioning as an important symbol of the struggles that women face to achieve equality and acceptance. However, it also provides an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve as a society that honours and celebrates the accomplishments of all its members, regardless of gender. Let us not at all forget the workmanship and inspiration exhibited by this renowned sculpture as we move forward. Let it serve as a beacon of hope for our journey toward a more inclusive and fair future, both in the realm of film and in society as a whole.

The Kerala State Film Award trophy is not just a symbol; it is a call to action—a call to challenge discrimination, uphold equality, and stand in solidarity with all those who continue to break barriers and shape the future of Indian cinema.

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