What Would Our Favourite Mollywood Stars Look Like In Their Old Age?

FaceApp was launched in 2017, but after it introduced the old filter, the internet has been busy. Everyone is trying out the app to see how they might age.

As with celebrities around the globe, the stars Mollywood have taken the #FaceAppChallenge head on!

Here’s how some of our favourite Mollywood stars will age according to FaceApp.

Let’s start with Neeraj Madhav.

If you think he looks good, then you should see our new superstar Tovino!

Kunchako Boban looks like he can play some mafia don roles in the future!

Mithun looks like he could turn into a Malayali Sanjay Dutt!

Kalidas Jayaram looks like he’s going to be one badass grandad!

“Remember ‘Pepe’ from Angamaly Diaries? This is him now!” Perfect caption for a meme about Antony Varghese a few decades from now, isn’t it?

And here’s Jayasurya.

Do you want to see what Shiyas , Pearle, and Srini would look like?

And here’s Govind Padmasoorya.

But don’t settle on your favourite yet, here’s Unni Mukundan.

And Sarath Appani.

Here’s Vinay Forrt showing us that he’ll age gracefully.

Aju Varghese not being creepy at all.

Mamta proving that Mammookka does not age.

Who did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, but it’s not free though. You’ll have to pay for the app on iOS, after 3 days of use. It would set you back by ₹ 1,699 per year if you are an iOS user in India.

Also, the license terms of the app states that, by using the app, you grant the provider permission to use your photos, name, username, and likeness for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

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