What If The Yakshis of Kadamattathu Kathanar Were On Instagram?

On this very week, 18 years back, Kadamattathu Kathanar had aired for the first time on prekshakarde swantham Asianet TV. Giving life to many Yakshis from our muthassi kadhakal, Malayalam Television had seen some of the scariest and cutest ghosts float around in their all-white attire. Eight decades after this legendary show, I wonder how different our Yakshi kadhakal would be if it took place in today’s era. 

With Instagram and vlogging at their disposal, would they still bother burying those who impaled them in the past? Would they pull the leg of kathanaar acchan who simply pulls all the fun out of their afterlife? Or rather have slogam battles with him? Maybe, they could even trick the all-seeing kathanaar by derailing him through Snapchat maps. Man, so many fun things and one afterlife. 

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This is the era that I believe Yakshis would finally get to have some fun and here’s how I’m imagining their grams would look like: 


All those pestering questions on 

“When are you getting married?”

“Where do you disappear to between 3:00 to 4:00 am?”

“Why do you have an aani in the middle of your scalp?”

Yakshis won’t no shit from nosy ammayis in the contemporary age. You hit the aani on their head and instead of flipping the finger, they would be flipping you around. This is the kind of self-love we should be aiming for.


You all fashion divas can take the back seat because the OG minimalists are here. Showing off 666 ways to drape a simple plain white saree, they’d be ruling the reels with their kalaviruth. Added with this they would be winning the whole woke-up-from-the-dead-looking-like-this game. Well aware of the fact that they look drop-dead gorgeous, they often finish off their look with a kanmashi kuth to wade off the evil eyes.

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Repulsed by the idea of religion and religious spaces. 

Head over heels into community service. 

And chora kand madukaathavar. 

Isn’t it obvious? Yakshis understand the idea of ‘politics is personal’ and I’m pretty sure they hail from the revolutionary club of Irratta Chankan. An active participant of insta and FB political wars, you might want to think twice before you piss them off with unsupported political statements.


Afterlife has been so busy for Yakshis that they’ve found workouts that one could break into in the middle of the day. Utilizing all available options such as the kappiyum kayyarum as opposed to the traditional gym equipment of ropes and dumbbells, they are setting some serious fitness goals.

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In the afterlife, they understand the relevance of mental health and do their bit by laughing out their hearts at every chance they get. When normal people greet with a boring “Hello”, they go all the way and express their enthusiasm with an ear-deafening laugh. And if anyone asks “Why?”, tell them “Life is too short” before ending their lives.

While humans make me facepalm with the forwarded emails reading “Say Bloody Mariaamma thrice or your family will be ded tomorrow”, I think Yakshis would make social media a lot more entertaining. What do you guys think? Say bloody mariaama thrice and comment below!

Laxmi Mohan
Talks about everything from pazhampori to aanavakaraar charcha.

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