What Happens in a Mask Stays in a Mask

It’s been almost a whole year of wearing a goddamned mask over our faces, but I feel like it’s been forever. Like it or not, facemasks are the most indispensable and ubiquitous accessories of the year 2020. While a lot of people expressed discomfort and panic while wearing a mask, there are a set of people who actually welcomed it with open arms. The introverts! So, how exactly are masks making introverts comfortable, you ask? What do they do behind it? Or rather, what can they do? So, here we go:

Laugh about an inside joke without appearing ridiculous

They say that the introverts have a party going on in their heads all the time, and masks have just become the perfect synergist to that. If you’re an introvert there may have been instances where you’ve been caught unawares, sitting in a corner all alone and grinning widely for no apparent reason. Chances are that you’ve been sealed a “loony” dude or chick by the person observing you. But little does that person know that you were only recalling a corny joke your bestie told you the other day. Thanks to your mask, you can grin, chuckle, laugh and guffaw under it and get away without being tagged a lunatic.

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Bathroom singer? Nah, behind the mask singer

When was the last time someone asked you to sing a song and you shied away giving them the predictable “I’m just a bathroom singer” card? Namuk onnu maati pidichalo? Next time you get such an opportunity, I’m obviously not gonna tell you to turn into an extravert momentarily and take the plunge, but let’s just say turning it down saying “I’m a behind-the-mask singer” would make you feel somewhat cool.

No more feeling offended with not so pro-social people

As an introvert, I’d always wondered how the newly shifted folks next door are able to make conversation with such ease and at length with everyone. Trust me, for introverts, it takes a truckload of effort to even smile at people they barely know. But there would be one of those days when we’re feeling all sparkly and bright inside and you want to pass on some warmth to random people in the form of a smile. So, you flash a smile at the next person you are stuck with, in the lift. But she gives you such a detestable look that not only kills your spirit but also makes you rethink the general purpose of life. Be assured that masks would veil your tomato-almost-beetroot blush and chammal-fication with the same loyalty as that of a best friend guarding your deep and dark secrets.

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Make faces at people you dislike

Okay, so this is a follow-up to the previous point. Next time you’re stuck in the lift with the detestable person we just spoke of, you would surely want to strike back. Scowl, frown, make goofy faces and getaway feeling utterly pleased with yourself. So, what if he didn’t get a taste of his own medicine, you’ve got it off your chest for now!

Kiss small talks goodbye

For introverts, making small talk is an internally draining activity, most of the time. Especially at a party when you get introduced to someone and have to keep the conversation flowing through idle banter. Of course, you can spot your extraverted friend right under your nose, chatting away with a random gang as though they have been lifelong friends, but there’s literally nobody to come and rescue you. If you’ve donned a mask, there’s a high chance that your feeble voice is not gonna really make it through the fabric. Listening to a muffled speech and not being able to read facial expressions and lips is soon gonna put off that much-dreaded conversation, much to your pleasure. Makes me wonder, how on earth did Bane converse?! 

Bust boredom in a bus

Boarded a bus and feeling bored? Sing those songs, mouth those dialogues as you watch your favourite movie clips on your phone without giving a damn about the potential eavesdroppers. One, you’re not gonna have anyone within your 2m radius. Two, even if someone hears you, they’re not gonna see how bizarre your expressions are, cuz all they can spot is a pair of eyes that scream “njan onnum arinjille rama narayana!”.

Not having to flaunt your no-shave 2020 upper lips

If you thought introverts are happiest when they are in their PJs, you’re only partially right. They are the happiest when they can walk around in their PJs, with zero makeup and not having to step into a salon. They may have morphed into a werewolf, with the less frequent visits to the salon for getting their upper lip waxed. With facemasks at their disposal, they can be blissfully unaware of that fuzz above their lips. Plus, they would be happy that people are actually giving them eye contact, cuz well, what’s there to stare at anyway? I’m sure the reverse of this would be the case for men. They can shave and not have people commenting on their new-born baby looks, thanks to facemasks.

Pulling off a “njan ningal udeshicha aale alla” demeanour

Imagine you almost bump into your boss at the supermarket. Like he’s right in front of you and all you can do is hope that the floor beneath you magically transforms into a tunnel so that you can dive straight into it. While all these years, this may have been the case, this year you can let go of your desperate attempts to hide from him. All it takes is to quickly walk past him pulling off a “njan ningal udeschica aale alla” demeanour.

That’s it from my side! C’mon everybody, add to the list!


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