We Tried Kerala’s First Unniyappam Tiramisu Cake From Lilly’s Delicacies

Onam is a time when our palettes are craving something different, a little more fresh, to feel the season. It’s also the time when the chef at Lilly’s Delicacies, a patisserie located in Thrissur and Kunnamkulam, comes up with a variety of Onam specials with a twist. As fans of the Italian dessert, when we first heard that The Lillys would be introducing an Unniyappam Tiramisu cake as part of their Onam Dream Cakes menu this year, we couldn’t believe it. So, we had to try it out.

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Lilly’s Delicacies decided to give the traditional Tiramisu a Malayali twist by using unniyappam as the main ingredient, an alternative to the lady finger biscuits. They also infused espresso with mascarpone cheese so with every bite, you’ll feel a flavour burst of really good coffee. With every Unniyappam Tiramisu cake, you also get a jar of Tiramisu milk that you have to pour on it. We can’t even express the feeling of biting into this treat.

The Lillys deliver within Thrissur’s limits. Contact 9526788882 (Thrissur) and 9562788883 (Kunnamkulam) to book. Their Onam Menu also offers:
– Coconut Jag Cake: INR 1785
– Tender Coconut Cake: INR 1785
– Palada Payasam Cake: INR 1547
– Pazham Pradhaman Cake: INR 1547
They also have a variety of payasam offerings from tender coconut to pazham payasams. Pre-order now.

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