Ways To Make Use Of Your Dormant Facebook Account

Do you remember the Orkut era? If you do, then this article is for you. We are from the generation that migrated from one social media platform to the other – from Orkut to Facebook and now to Instagram and Twitter. We had no option but to exit Orkut as it was discontinued. Currently, while your Instagram notifications dominate your earbuds, have you wondered what happened to your Facebook account? Maybe you belong to the endangered category that remains active on Facebook, but most of us have kept our accounts dormant and some of us may even have had thoughts of permanently deleting our FB profile. Before you choose the adverse option of exiting Facebook, let’s take a look at the various ways in which we can still continue to make use of it efficiently.

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Digital Tharavad: Introduction to your family members

Ways To Make Use Of Your Dormant Facebook Account

Facebook is now an all-inclusive platform and age is not a barrier anymore. If you feel you are estranged from your family, then log on to your account and go to ‘Friend Requests’ or ‘Suggestions’ and you shall get the entire list of your family members. 

Do you know who your father’s brother’s wife’s father is? Do not worry, Facebook is the key to getting all such ‘crucial’ family details. If you are lucky, one of your distant uncles or aunties would have even created a Facebook group for your family. So Facebook will soon become your ‘Digital Tharavad’ where all the digital footprints of your family tree and family history will be stored to be accessed for all the years to come. 

Watchdog Part 1: To stalk people

Do you have a crush on someone? Want to find more information about that person? Welcome to Facebook, the universal watchdog website. Just type in the name and get all the information that is publicly available about the person. Oh and do not forget to check the tagged photos and also stalk their friends, you never know where you will get ‘valuable information’ from. 

But if the person has ‘Locked’ their profile, then bad luck.

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Watchdog Part 2: When you are stalked

Ways To Make Use Of Your Dormant Facebook Account

Did you recently search on Flipkart for a Pink Lungi and not get enough options? Worry not, Facebook will come to your rescue. After a recent search, take a bathroom break and log into your FB account. TADA, Pink lungis every style, shade, size and price will be advertised to you.

Similarly, if you want to book a flight ticket or a hotel room, do not rely solely on one website. After your initial search, make sure to consult your FB account to get a wide variety of choices. Who cares if you are being stalked as long as we get a good budget-friendly deal.

Local bazaar replacement: Hot selling items

Move aside OLX, FB is here for the sale of every product imaginable without the interference of a third party. You can sell your old car, bed, refrigerator, tube light, movie ticket, hotel booking, even your baby’s tooth or that single air pod after you’ve lost its pair. I am not kidding, some very weird items are always up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

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Anyway, if you want to spend a day indoors and have some creepy fun, then check out Facebook Marketplace. You can even join the bandwagon and list a few of your old used socks, yesterday’s newspaper, your father’s empty kallu kuppis (alcohol bottles) and even your Amma’s home-cooked extra burned sambar. Epola lottery adika ennu parayan patilalo!

Gossip Monger: Milestone alert

Ways To Make Use Of Your Dormant Facebook Account

During our hectic lifestyle, we often find it difficult to keep in touch with our friends and acquaintances. But Facebook is here to solve this problem by giving us updates about each and every milestone in their lives. If your friend is an active FB user, then you will get the following information in chronological order: changed jobs, moved cities, relationship status changed from single to it’s complicated, got married, 1 week anniversary, first baby’s birth (maybe even a second, third or fourth), baby’s 1 week anniversary… you get the gist. 

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Earlier, FB was the sole platform that kept us up-to-date with such ‘life milestones’ but now it is facing tough competition from LinkedIn. So let us all take a minute to pray that FB wins this race and continues to be awarded the ‘Best Gossip Monger’ title. 

Alarm Clock: Birthday Notification

No matter how useless you feel FB is, this is one thing that makes it priceless. I wonder how we kept track of our friends’/families’ birth dates before FB! If you recall, comment below.

People who set reminders on their phones for birthdays are a minority these days, and so many of us are dependent on Facebook to remind us about birthdays. Let’s hope FB introduces automatic birthday wishes too to make our lives easier! (Illa, ottum nannam illa)

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GK Teacher: Random content consumption

Ways To Make Use Of Your Dormant Facebook Account

If you want to enhance your general knowledge, just a scroll over your FB feed should do the trick. You will find articles from various websites showcasing content ranging from current affairs, movie gossip, recipes, tourist destinations, etc. 

There is no limit to the amount of random knowledge that you can assimilate thanks to FB. So on days when you feel rather stupid, log in to FB, get some ariv and show it off to your peers. 

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So what are you waiting for, before FB bids goodbye like Orkut, ensure to make maximum use of it? Also, this is not an exhaustive list of the ways in which we can utilise FB. I am sure there are many more creative ways and we would definitely like to know more from you, so hop into the comments section!

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