Watch Video: Kerala’s Food Minister Finds A Hair Strand In His Meal During A Surprise School Visit

Kerala’s food minister G R Anil had visited a government school in Thiruvananthapuram with no notice. This was part of his confidence-building initiative in his department where he would conduct a surprise visit to various schools and have their noon meal. His recent visit raised concerns about the quality of the noon meals served to the children. He found a strand of hair in the meal he was served, leaving him shocked and repulsed.

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G R Anil’s visit attracted a lot of media personnel and they were able to capture this moment. When he saw the strand of hair, he was dismayed so were the teachers. He returned his incomplete plate. Kerala’s noon meal scheme benefits around 20 lakh students, but recent news of unhygienic practices has everyone questioning its efficacy.

In the Trivandrum district itself, two primary school children were infected with norovirus caused by eating contaminated food or water. In fact, many students attending Government-run schools had food poisoning suspected to have been caused by the lack of quality food in their noon meals.

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