Vox Kitchen: Serving Authentic Flavors Like Never Before

Cloud kitchens have made a huge entry into Kerala’s food industry and become a huge success in different parts of Kerala. For those who aren’t aware, a cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant with no dine-in facility. Vox Kitchen in Palakkad has caught our attention for their delivery-only menu that has dishes to satisfy a specific craving.

Vox Kitchen was started by a sibling trio, Mohamed Zunnoon, Mohamed Asif, and Mohzin Aslam for their love for food. This cloud kitchen has become one of the favorite food hotspots in Palakkad within a short span of time. The diversity in the menu and the authentic taste of the dishes make this place order-worthy. Their menu has a perfect blend of Indian, Chinese, and Arabic cuisines, making this place a must-try food spot for all food lovers.

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The Story Of Vox Kitchen

“We started a resto cafe in Banglore at the beginning of 2020. It was a small 16-seater resto cafe. As the beginning of March marked the first wave of Covid-19 in India, our resto cafe could only function for eight days. I came back to Kerala with my staff and was quarantined in my home in Palakkad. When the lockdown got extended for numerous months, we decided to prepare food at home and to sell it to people in the surrounding areas. We only used Instagram and Whatsapp for our initial advertising. But we received quite a good amount of orders at the beginning itself,” shares Mohamed Zunnoon, co-founder of Vox Kitchen. 

Zunnoon added, “We continued with the process in my home for one month. But when we received more orders, my home was not enough for the preparation. This led us to move to a larger space. We never depended on Zomato and Swiggy for the first 5 months for delivery. All the orders were delivered by us only. We deliver within the Palakkad district. Still, 85 per cent of our orders are delivered by ourselves.”

Vox Kitchen founders I PinkLungi
The co-founders of Vox Kitchen – Mohamed Zunnoon, Mohamed Asif, and Mohzin Aslam
Vox Kitchen

What Makes Vox Kitchen Unique?

Vox Kitchen has Indian, Chinese, and Arabic cuisines on its menu. Chefs who belong to that particular region prepare all the regional-specific dishes. It helps Vox Kitchen maintain the familiar authentic taste of the dishes.

Check out their perfectly flakey porottas if you’re looking for the classic dish in a new avatar. One of the signature dishes of Vox Kitchen, Nidhi Porotta, hits the right spot! “We introduced Veg Nidhi Porotta for the first time. Mushroom, paneer, and cashew are the fillings we use. It was a delight for vegetarians. We provide around 12 types of Kizhi Porottas,” said Zunnoon.

We also suggest trying the Hyderabadi Biriyani, Rawther Biriyani, Afghani chicken, etc in their long menu of kickass food delicacies.

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Kizhi Porottas

How ToOorder?

Vox Kitchen is available on Zomato and Swiggy. You can also place your orders through Whatsapp and direct call. The delivery time is from 12.00 am to 9.00 pm. They plan to launch their dine-in facility and franchise their brand in the future. For more queries, you can reach out to Vox Kitchen at @vox.kitchen, or contact them at 7559975375.

Vox Kitchen’s dishes are packed with flavours and trust us; you cannot get over them.

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