Vishu Lookbook 2022: Styles To Checkout And Ace Your Fashion Game

Vishu is here! Amidst the hustle and bustle of arranging a ‘Vishu Kani’, many might wonder what to wear this Vishu. Styling our traditional Malayali Kasavu attires has always been a struggle. We often forget how stylish this could turn out to be with the right tips and tricks. Check out our Vishu lookbook for this year. Hope it helps you!

Slender Borders on Kasavu Sarees

This trend has been around for a long time. Yet, it is highly underrated. When you add a thin, darker shade border on traditional Kasavu attire, you unlock more pleasing styling options. You can pair the accessories with the exact colour theme or fun blouse designs of a similar colour.

You can easily recreate this by adding a thin border lace onto any of your Kasavu saree or Mundu and get this look under budget.

Also, do not forget that the choker trend is not out of fashion. Here is a beautiful reference to it.

Make way for Polka Dots

A long lost trend is back in fashion and we couldn’t be happier. Polka dotted dresses always tend to stand out from the crowd. When we saw these soft polka dots on an elegant Kasavu saree, it felt like a match made in heaven. What we loved about this glimpse is how simple yet attractive it is. You can easily recreate this look with some fabric paint if you are under a tight budget.

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A simple twist

Making small twists in your styling can make it quirky and attractive. Who doesn’t like to play with fashion? It’s the one place to unleash your creative side. We stumbled upon this look while on our quest to find something chic. We can’t get enough of this now. Our advice is to mix and match your attires. So, when we finally saw a personification of our idea, we had to share it.

The subtle pink hue with those fancy sleeves is a winner. Ladies, do take notes here.

Power of Simplicity

Even though we encourage everyone to explore fashion and new trends in town, the power of simple ethnic wear is unbeatable. If you are a lazy head who hates the whole dressing-up game, then let it be. Because even if you don’t add that additional style quotient, Kasavu attires do stand out for their classiness.

Just put on your favourite pair of Chaandbalis or Jumkas, a messy hair-do, and you are good to go!

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We have always been a huge fan of different draping trends. And when it comes to Kasavu saree and Set Mundu, draping makes a huge difference. Don’t you agree?

To make a bold statement, a different draping style will help a lot. It will make you stand out depending on how you style it. And to finish it, an easy-breezy hairdo with minimal accessories will suffice. We are in love with this simplistic drape of Rose.

Statement Pieces

There is a small thumb rule of fashion that we keep reminding you all. Keep the ratio of your attire balanced. If you choose a statement accessory, make your attire a low key affair. Do not overdo it. So if you are going with a bold and shimmery blouse, remember to keep your saree silent. A healthy ratio is key. Got it? You will agree with our point after glimpsing this beautiful look by Aswathy Ashok Kumar.

We totally adore how her Jhumkas are stealing the show here.

Colour Blocks

In our previous articles, we’ve explained the impact of colour blocks. The axiom is quite simple; Blend in colours that seem like opposites. If you have a sober golden shade, pair it with accessories of an opposite loud shade. This makes your look alluring.

If you are having trouble imagining it, take a look at this. Now, you do agree with us, right? The bangles are taking away your attention, aren’t they? That’s the beauty of color blocks.

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Good old Dhavani

If you are someone who prefers a less-effort look, then our good old Dhavani is always a safe option. You can pleat it instead of draping it. Accessorize it with a set and you are all set to go. If you are interested in knowing more about styling Dhavani then, this article might help.

Let’s Phool around a Bit

This season we discovered some amazing designs in a floral theme. Kasavu attires with golden zari work on them are quite common. But we saw some amazing floral embroidery work instead. We must say that this was a very impressive “Konna Kani” by Sreejith Jeevan.

We also saw some other floral pieces by him which were mesmerising too. Sustainable fashion is the highlight of these looks.

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A Polite Pattupavada

As kids, many of us had at least one Pattupavada in our wardrobe. The way we loved to flaunt the twirls makes us so nostalgic.

A silk Pattupavada is the easiest and the best choice to make your look traditional and fun. Choose unconventional colour combinations to add life to your attire. And the best part of this is you can go minimal or loud as you wish because this can carry any of it with sheer grace.

Sleeves from the ’90s

The puff sleeves from the ’90s are a perfect choice if you love retro trends. This Vishu, you can recreate retro styles with sleeved blouses and flowers as your hair accessory. They don’t cost much and you can easily add your own personal style to them.

We totally love how this shade of blue adds a glowy look to the muse.

This was our Vishu lookbook this season. Let us know if we missed out on any. Happy Vishu folks!

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