Verandah Brings A Unique Concept Space To Thrissur That You’ve Never Seen Before

Verandah in Thrissur, a concept space launched by Naina Lazar, is bringing an urban way of exploring a curated collection of brands to Thrissur. The community space, as Naina proudly claims it to be, is meant to create an experience for every person. 

Tasting a lifestyle is no longer limited to the four walls of a commercial building or a laptop screen. Since the pandemic, we’ve become more inclusive of intimate experiences that have a long-lasting impact. Championing this feeling, Verandah has put together handmade and thoughtful products from different homegrown brands and artists that promote sustainability. 

Verandah Brings A Unique Concept Space To Thrissur That You’ve Never Seen Before

From sarees, pottery, ceramics, and artistic jewellery to home decor and cosmetics, this space is home to a wide range of products that you can flip through to discover a new addition to your life. It’s safe to say that Verandah has something for everyone.

“The best way to experience the wonders of good-quality, eco-friendly products is to touch, feel, and live in the presence of it. That’s exactly what I want you to do when you enter this small space called Verandah,” says Naina. Inside the space, visitors can find sections showcasing a category of products and the brands that proudly stand tall. Naturally, the minimalist outlook of the space will attract you so will its offerings. 

Thrissur native Naina has forever been intrigued by art and the collaborative culture it brings. From starting her own brand to creating a concept space, the journey for her has been a learning, she says. “Every day is tough, but I learn and grow. I feel, now more than ever, we all need to talk to each other. Learn things and enjoy each other’s company. I hope to do that with Verandah while uplifting small businesses that deserve a home.”

Naina Lazar
Naina Lazar, Founder of Verandah

The brands you’ll find here include Indus People, Tie The Bun, Suta Bombay, Keli Pottery, Suganda, Curiosity and more. Naina’s own lifestyle label, Flaunt, is on display too. They even have a customisation wing that makes handwoven fabrics for curtains, upholstery, bed linens, rugs etc. You can customise your own creation by choosing a palette or design, and they will get it woven for you. Naina takes pride in the excellent craftsmanship and sustainable focus her products exude. “I choose brands solely based on quality. All the products that you see at Verandah are minimal in design but royal in quality. I like to keep it simple, aesthetic, and wholesome for my visitors.” 

As you exit the store, a string of banana plantains welcomes you to explore nature. Surrounded by rustic and natural elements, you’ll find yourself at peace with your thoughts keeping you company. You may find this poetic, but you’ll know for sure only when you visit Verandah.

That said, more than a store, it is also a place that encourages collaboration and creativity. Beyond the retail lies an opportunity for creators and artists to share their work, host collaborations and workshops, and encourage meaningful conversations. So, if you have a talent, skill, or story to share, this should be your next destination to spark the creative you.

Verandah Brings A Unique Concept Space To Thrissur That You’ve Never Seen Before

Warm and inviting, with brick walls and red oxide flooring, the space brings in a different kind of calm. It brings together the love for art and design and that’s the beauty of Verandah.

SN Park Rd, P O Poothole, Thrissur, Kerala 680004

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