‘Varthamanam’ To Have A Theatrical Release

Directed by Sidhartha Siva, and starring Parvathy Thiruvothu and Roshan Mathew, Varthamanam has finally received a release date. We all have been waiting for this moment.


The regional office of the Censor Board of Film Certification had earlier denied the certificate of clearance for the movie owing to its alleged ‘anti-national’ fervour. When censor board member Adv V Sandeep Kumar had tweeted about Varthamanam and its alleged anti-national elements, Aryadan, the movie’s scriptwriter and a National award winner responded back saying, “How can a film that conveys a clear message of the need for unity amid political and religious turmoil be depicted as anti-national? How does it become anti-national to speak about a freedom fighter? This is cultural fascism. Should we provide religion and caste certificates along with the film to the Censor Board? The Censor Board should have members who understand the value of cinema, not those with a communal bent.

Their fight against censorship was worth it because they just received the news that the public will see a theatrical release of Varthamanam on March 12 at 300 theatres nationwide. The go-ahead from the committee proved to be a victory for Director Sidhartha Siva and scriptwriter Aryadan Shoukat.

Varthamanam tells the story of a Muslim woman from Malappuram who goes to do her PhD at Delhi University. Her academic research about freedom fighter Mohammed Abdur Rahman Sahib inspires her to be a part of campus politics, supporting student struggles. The film discusses the political and social issues that have sparked a lot of debates recently. Parvathy Thiruvothu plays the role of Faisa Soofia, the research student who goes to Delhi. Roshan Mathew and Siddique also play a very important role in the movie.

We can’t wait to watch Varthamanam soon.

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