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Unforgettable Title Songs Of Bygone Malayalam TV Serials

Title Songs of Malayalam TV serials

Unlike the ever-scheming women who go to bed wearing exuberant jewellery and pattu sarees in the present age Malayalam serials, there was a time when Malayalam serials were, I dare say, actually likeable. Though I was never hooked to any serial, I used to be an ardent lover of some of their title tracks. Here are 9 of them which I’m sure you’ll remember too.


“Sthree Janmam, Punya Janmam. Sthree Janmam, Dhanya Janmam.” Think Malayalam serials and this is undoubtedly the first song that comes to my mind. This song, sung by P. Jayachandran, is from Sthree, the first mega serial aired on Asianet and dragged on to become one of the longest-running soaps. In fact, it was such a huge hit among women viewers those days that they did up to 4 sequels. I still remember those days my mum used to be glued to the television screen eagerly waiting to find out if Indu and Hariyettan would reunite.

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Sthree Janmam

There’s something about this song that makes me gloomy, yet this one’s close to my heart. This song “Shaleenathe” is from the serial Sthree Janmam, which was aired on Surya TV. I know, all the serials that came in the early 2000s had to have the prefix “Sthree” to grab the feminine eyeballs! Along with this song, I’m sure you’d remember the promo of this serial where a kid runs around yelling “Mayamma Vanne!”


Don’t you think this one could easily pass off as a movie song? This song “Ashakoshale Pennundo”, composed by Mohan Sithara and rendered by Jyotsna, Afsal, and Asha Madhu, is high on the nostalgia factor. I’ve never seen a single episode of this serial but used to tune in at the right time to catch this song. Also, if anybody knows what on earth “Ashakoshale” means, please enlighten me!

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This song is indeed an OG! Though this soap does not hold a mega-serial stature, this popular serial attracted massive TRP ratings back in the day. It remains one of those easily recallable Malayalam serial title songs. M Jayachandran gave life to this tune, with Chitra on the vocals.


Whether it’s a movie song or a soap song, if Chitra is the lead singer, then it will be catchy for sure! “Ee Puzhayiloru” was the title song of Parijatham, which told the story of a pair of twins, Aruna and Seema who are identical by birth but diametrically opposite in behaviour. This serial used to be aired on Asianet between the years 2008 and 2011. 


Again, never watched even two minutes of an episode of this serial, but this song is fondly remembered. This peppy number, which was the title song of the Malayalam soap Kaanakinavu, is indeed a runaway hit and has always got me tapping my feet every time I heard it. Also, I always thought the girl in the song was Meera Jasmine’s sister!


This has to be my all-time favourite Malayalam serial title song. During my school days, I was a huge fan of this beautiful song, melodiously rendered by Karthik.  Like how they say “Thediya valli kaalil chutti”, I was overjoyed to stumble on this song recently when Kairali TV started re-telecasting their ancient programs during the lockdown.

Kadamattathu Kathanar

If there was anything scarier than Vishwasichalum Illengilum (who remembers this one?), it was the title song of Kadamattathu Kathanar. Between the episodes featuring Kalyankatu Neeli and the opening of the title song, there is no second thought on which one is more fear-inducing.


Look who’s followed Kathanar all the way to this list! It’s Kuttichathan. This song “Hello hello Kuttichathan” takes me straight back to the good, old days. 12 years ago, on this day at 8 PM this song would have blared from your TV set. The serial Hello Kuttichathan, which spoke of friendship between four kids and Kuttichathan, was spread over two seasons and used to be telecasted on Asianet Plus.

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What was your favourite serial title track? Tell us in the comments section below.

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