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Malayali YouTubers are rapidly branching out into various territories. This year, in particular, seems to have really bolstered our YouTube participation – blame it on COVID – and as a result, we’ve begun to have YouTube channels that have broken into mainstream pop culture. Remember how “Vittu Kalyanam” had become a thing? How The Mallu Analyst made ‘Political Correctness’ a commonplace terminology? And on a lighter note, how Ponmutta Media, Alambanz, and Karikku kept us thoroughly entertained during this weird time when film releases were pulled to a halt? 

While some of them have clearly broken out, there are many creators who haven’t yet hit critical mass. And so we set out to find promising channels that were either at a nascent stage, or were heavily underrated. As a metric, we’ve kept the criteria as Malayali YouTubers who have under the 1 Lakh subscribers bar (but please note that we’re not supporting the number game by any means; it was mainly for ease of curation). This is just an attempt to bring these creators to the forefront, so they receive the attention they truly deserve. Presenting the Rising Stars of YouTube! 

Unni Vlogs Cinephile

Zone: Film Discussions 

Unni Vlogs is the veteran in this list of mostly newbie YouTubers; a passionate cinemagoer with good presentation skills, who occasionally dabbles into other fields like tech. Yet, owing to the excess of film-related videos in YouTube, his content – ranging from movie reviews to trailer decodings to interview analyses – remains highly underrated.  


Zone: Music

Since her rise to fame as a finalist in the singing reality show The Stage, R&B artist Arunaja has released two singles – Broken and Cyanide – and a host of song covers. And they stand out, owing to her powerful vocals and the fine blend of Western and Carnatic elements she brings into them. How we wish she uploads more often 🙁

Dhanya Varma Official

Zone: Personal Growth

Fans of the Happiness Project would agree that a big chunk of the show’s success could be attributed to its host, Dhanya Varma. Ever-smiling and exuding positivity and confidence, Dhanya has the rare ability to inspire you from across a screen. Her videos comprise simple but effective life hacks for all ages. Next time you feel stressed, confused or demotivated, you know what to do! 

Appupan and the Boys

Zone: Humor

Kerala finally seems to have found its poster boy for Koothara..rather, “Forgotten” Movies. Episode by episode, Ananth takes one for the team, watching these pathetic movies with his grandad and friends, and then presenting to us the most absurd bits from them. Also watch out for some random catch phrases that will remain stuck in your brain. So Clinjo, Go Binge-o! (Keep the captions on, thank us later)


Zone: Topical Discussions

The channel, whose majority audience falls in the 18-30 year old category, aims to educate its viewers on relevant socio-political issues. Host Jaiby Joseph presents interesting examples and data to explain concepts. If you’re a fan of the Mallu Analyst territory of topical videos, you’re sure to dig this one as well. 

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Daily Tips by Linu Sajan

Zone: Pets, Farming

Apart from a hilarious vlog series featuring his dog Puppykuttan and himself, Linu makes an interesting mix of videos, ranging from informative pieces on nature, to good pet practices to farming and animal husbandry. If you’re a fan of animals and animal videos, you just can’t miss this one! 

TinPin Stories

Zone: Travel Vlog

Featuring an amiable married couple, this channel is one of the most likeable travel vlogs out there. The hard work that goes into the video-editing as well as making the day’s  itinerary is commendable! 


Zone: Media and Journalism

A high-on-quality media channel that collaborates with an interesting mix of people for interviews, podcasts, poetry readings and other bite-sized videos. They cover a wide range of topics, from science to politics to literature. You may also visit their website for some well-curated Malayalam content.


Zone: Science and Technology

If you’ve wondered how home appliances like the AC and the refrigerator work, but haven’t learnt about it in college or taken the effort to browse the internet, maybe it’s time to check out techZorba! The aim of the channel is to break down everything science in simple, easy-to-follow terms. The crisp and concise videos will, at the least, inspire you to explore these topics more.

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This is, in no way,  an exhaustive list of underrated Malayali YouTubers. We have tried to include different genres so that there’s something for everyone. Please do mention your favourite creators on YouTube and let us know why you like them!

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