Unconventional Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

We hate summers and the only good thing about it is the easy access of maangas. If you’re as sick of this unsahikable heat like we are, here are some ways to beat the heat this summer and keep cool till the rain gets here.

Frozen Virip

Stick your bedsheet inside your fridge/freezer for a few hours. Take it out and virkkal it before you go to bed. Sleep like a frickin’ baby on ice.

Cool Bum

Fill a hot water bottle with ice water. Put it on your work chair and sit on it. Sweat free bum guaranteed! (Do try to control vali to keep the water cold longer.)

Pyari’s Jacuzzi

No swimming pool, bathtub, or kollam available? Take a page out of Pyari’s book and chill out in a bubble bath in your mom’s uruli.

Beat the heat this summer

Buns all the way

 If you have long hair, make sure it stays up in a bun at least till August. Toasting is not recommended however. (hyuk! hyuk!)

Kerala Summer

Full Nekkid

If you work from home, then clothes are optional. Nothing like sending mind numbingly boring reports all day, fully in the nude. This works best if you live alone. If not, kindly make sure you have a hardy lock to your room. And don’t forget to close the drapes!


Spray it

Keep a spray gun on your desk and spray yourself every 15 mins. For additional effect, play Pavizha Mazha in the background while you do it.

Beat the heat this summer

The Power of the Thorth

A damp thorth on the back of your neck or wrapped around your forehead goes a long way.  Complement this look with a cooling glass and vibe to Confusion Theerkaname for added effect.

Kerala Summer


Cover yourself head to toe in dermicool powder.

Beat the heat this summer

Poor Man’s Manjumala

Stick your head in the freezer and picture Kashmirle manjumalakal. Play Manjumazha Kaatil as bgm for added effect.

Kerala Summer


How are you avoiding the heat this summer?

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