Trivandrum’s First-of-its-kind Sports Bar Is Dedicated To All Sports Lovers

High Dive, Trivandrum’s first-of-its-kind sports bar, is a part of O by Tamara that provides a unique dining and stay experience for visitors. They have an all-day dining restaurant, a sports bar, a place to grab a small bite, and dining vouchers to celebrate occasions. We’re specifically talking about their High Dive experience.

Guaranteeing the greatest view of all the matches that take place in real-time, High Dive brings you the best sporting experience with delectable food and signature cocktails. This sports bar is a hotspot for sports fans. Even if you are not one, you can get together with your buddies and chat over a beer. The fans here tend to get hyped for the games, so keep in mind the spirit of the day before you decide to head over there. So if you’re on a date, unless both of you are interested in sports, maybe take your night somewhere a little less LIT. 

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The art deco and brick wall interiors are incredible. They have a touch of cosy sophistication, much-needed in a sports bar. You can start the day with sports and end with some music and good food and drinks.

Trivandrum’s First-of-its-kind Sports Bar Is Dedicated To All Sports Lovers

Do check Trivandrum’s first-of-its-kind sports bar and let us know how your experience was.

Location: Oruvathilkotta, Aakkulam, Thiruvananthapuram

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