Top Finance YouTubers From Kerala

Previously, I had written an article on the need for financial literacy among the Malayalis, in a regional context, with respect to Robert Kiyosaki’s work, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Going through that piece could serve as a prologue to this article to provide a better perspective. With that said, this article tries to explore top finance YouTubers from Kerala who have propagated financial literacy among Malayalis.

YouTube has served as a critical platform to inform and educate the Malayalis on finances and investment opportunities. It is not wrong to note that a majority of investments that Malayalis make today heavily depend on the videos of Malayali YouTubers.

Reasons for an Increased Financial Literacy in Kerala

The growth of financial literacy among the Keralites, though not explored at the school level, has many reasons. The wide availability of applications to trade and invest in various financial tools can be regarded as the primary reason. The removal of middlemen, replaced by user-friendly applications, aided the popularity of trading and investment applications. The awareness of these tools and investment options was further spread by financial YouTubers.

The pandemic, too, had a significant impact on the growing financial awareness among the population. Covid-19, which pushed individuals into their four walls, who depended on their sole income source, were forced to think outside of the box. These people were left with no option but to look for alternative income-generating sources.

Content creators’ videos on finances and investment opportunities have opened up new horizons for viewers. Their conversational and understandable style is a refreshing change from the previously confusing details on investment and trading tools. As a result, individuals no longer have to pay exorbitant fees to financial advisors, as these concepts have gained popularity through social media.

The following list tries to mention the top financial YouTubers from Kerala who have made their mark in the scene. This article only tries to state their general presentation and style rather than providing a detailed description of their channel growth and content. What better way to learn than by exploring it individually?

Note: This is a personal gratitude article for these individuals, who have greatly contributed to popularising these otherwise ‘flying above the head’ concepts in simple, layman’s language.

Sharique Samsudheen

He is undoubtedly, one of the most popular YouTubers in the genre of finance. Any Malayalis, with an intention to invest or trade would have at the very least watched a video of his before taking their step into the market. Such is the largeness of the content; he has covered over the years.

Sharique’s conversational delivery, energetic persona and positive outlook are contagious and it naturally motivates any scared individual to at least try exploring the various financial tools. His ability to share and connect personal instances and anecdotes make his content relatable and reliable.

One of my personal favourites is his ready-made Excel sheet that provides an overall outlook of an individual’s saving and spending patterns to have a better future. The sheet helps individuals set and determine their requirements for various life goals. He truly is a favourite among the Malayali audience.

Money talks with Nikhil

Nikhil Gopalakrishnan is quite different from the other finance YouTubers from Kerala, in terms of his presentation style. Since financial education is not taught at schools, he could be a perfect alternative for all those who want to study finance and investment. He is a wonderful teacher on YouTube.

His presentation follows a teaching pattern, with boards and markers. He builds understanding from the basics to provide newer knowledge and information.

Vyshakh Vijay

Vyshakh Vijay is another popular finance YouTuber who mainly elaborates on online investments, the share market and mutual funds. Vyshakh, too, follows a conversational style coupled with personal first-hand experiences. He demonstrates the processes involved, thus providing a clearer picture for the audience.

Vineesh Rohini

If you hear, “Hai, Namaskaram” at the beginning of a YouTube video, it would probably be from Vineesh Rohini’s channel. The majority of his videos begin with this pleasant greeting, followed by an energetic elaboration on the topic. His videos, too, are primarily demonstrational, which follow individual steps and processes involved.

His videos aren’t limited to stocks and investment alone but also explore various employment opportunities, strategies for income generation and so on for the various age groups.

Alex Jacob

Alex Jacob talks about financial tools, investment options, insurances, etc., under the title ‘Fintalks Malayalam’. He elaborates on the various aspects of financing in an easy-to-understand approach. He also provides demonstrations for the benefit of the viewers to grasp the processes.

Njan Arun

Njan Arun is the channel managed under the title ‘Pishukkan’, which details financial concepts. Arun’s primary motive to spread awareness of the need for financial literacy is evident through the range of content he produces. He also makes efforts to create videos on aspects that surround the market, which provides a holistic understanding of the market structure.


Groww Malayalam is the regional channel for ‘Groww’ app. This YouTube channel deserves a spot on this list as its innovative and informative content pertaining to investments, trade and markets too, has a large following among the Malayali audience.

If you are not already aware of them or about financial literacy, it is undoubtedly a good choice to start with one of these finance YouTubers from Kerala. I also wish to note that this is not an exhaustive list, instead have mentioned the YouTubers from whom I have gained knowledge on finance.

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