Top 6 Mohanlal Fight Scenes

Growing up, I was always a Mohanlal fan. Every time I stepped in for a Mohanlal movie, I knew that the movie would have a mix of everything – drama, action, and comedy. And most Mohanlal movies had an epic fight scene that started with a few mass dialogues and ended with the antagonist on flat on the ground.

Here are 6 such epic fight scenes.


Ravanaprabhu has quite a few memorable fight scenes but this one was definitely the best of the lot. Siddique talking about his boxing champion past and Mohanlal’s mass dialogues creates the perfect build-up for the ensuing fight.

Aaraam Thampuran

In Fists of Fury, Bruce Lee fights a bunch of people in a dojo. If there was ever an Indian equivalent to that scene, it could be this one.


“The dude takes down tigers, what can a few men do to him?” I’m sure this was running through your head too when you saw this scene for the first time. You knew Murugan was going to beat them to a pulp, and they were asking for it too. And that’s what makes this scene so cathartic.


You knew there was something more to Stephen Nedumpally right from the start and, like me, was eagerly waiting for the “Babayaga” in Stephen to reveal himself. And what a revelation it was!


This is one of Mohanlal’s iconic one-on-one fights from the past. The imposing villain, market backdrop, and incessant rain make the perfect combo for a fight scene from the 90s.


Kireedam has all the makings of Shakespearean tragedy – a hero who has a promising future drawn into a state of misery by the fates. Mohanlal plays the role to perfection and you can see his acting prowess in its full splendour in this fight scene.

And now, if that wasn’t enough here’s a mash-up that will make you want to watch a Mohanlal movie right now!

Do you have favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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