Tints and Shades By Aarya: The Place For Customized Portraits

Witnessing the joy of your loved ones the moment they unbox a special gift is one of the most blissful moments that can happen in your life. Such gifts are more emotional than physical. If you wish to present such special gifts to someone, customized gifts are the best option. Tints and Shades by Aarya is one of the best places you can check out for customized portraits.

The Thrissur native, Aarya Suresh, is an Architect who loves to create art with tints and shades of colours. She successfully finished three years of her venture and is now looking forward to more possibilities in art. 

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What’s Her Story?

Arya was passionate about painting and drawing from her childhood. But, it was during her Architecture course that she learned to do more in art and experiment with new kinds of artwork. She shares, “In my school days, I used to paint basic kinds of sketches that every child would do. Though I was passionate about artworks, I didn’t get enough opportunities then to explore more in art. But, when I started to study B. Arch, I learned more about art. I met so many talented people. This gave me the confidence to experiment with new worlds in art. I tried portraits, doodles, digital art, etc. The more I learned, the more my curiosity towards art expanded.”

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She used to post her artwork on her personal social media accounts. Some of which, got wider acceptance from people. She started to receive orders to paint their portraits. This lead Aarya to make a separate page for her artworks, and that was the beginning of Tints and Shades by Aarya. “Instead of using pure colours, I love to play with the tints and shades of specific colours in my artworks. This was the inspiration behind the name of my art page,” Aarya added. 

Portraits are the major number of orders received by Aarya. Rather than focusing on one kind of artwork, she experiments with new ways of creating portraits for her customers. Doodling, acrylic painting, abstract painting, gouache painting, digital art, etc. are some of the portrait attempts made by Aarya. 

In the journey of my art page, after interacting with various customers, I came to realize the value of customized gifts. People’s love for personalized gifts is commendable. And that’s when I started to make portraits on personalized products according to the customer’s wish,” said Aarya about the customization of her portraits.

Why You Should Check Out Tints and Shades?

Self-portraits are always special to people, so gifting personalized portraits on their special day, will definitely be a joy for them. What makes Tints and Shades by Aarya unique is its customization feature. Portraits on pin badges, postcards, mugs, t-shirt, and canvas are currently available for the customers. 

  • Tints and Shades By Aarya
  • Tints and Shades By Aarya
  • Tints and Shades By Aarya
  • Tints and Shades By Aarya
  • Tints and Shades By Aarya

You can place your orders for special customized gifts with Tins and Shades by Aarya through her Instagram handle – @tinsandshades_by_aarya

The price range of her products varies according to the specifications and size of the product.

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