Thrift Stores From Kerala That You Must Try Shopping At

Among young people, there is a significant trend of thrifting in Kerala. Are you familiar with the term “thrifting”? It is the latest fashion revolution that is taking the world by storm. Thrift fashion, also known as thrifting or vintage fashion, refers to the act of purchasing previously owned clothing and accessories. It entails shopping at thrift stores, consignment stores, vintage boutiques, online platforms, and even garment swaps. Thrift fashion is distinguished by its low price, distinctiveness, and long-term viability.

Thrifting has been a popular trend in recent years, not only for budget-conscious people but also for fashionistas looking for one-of-a-kind products. Kerala, famed for its varied culture and eclectic fashion preferences, has enthusiastically embraced thrifting. In this article, we’ll look at the allure of thrifting in Kerala and learn why it’s become such a popular fashion trend.

When sustainability meets the fashion era

People are becoming more concerned about the environment in their daily lives. Thrifting is the intersection of sustainability and fashion. Believe it or not, fashion can also be environmentally friendly. Giving worn clothing a second life decreases your carbon footprint and helps create a more environmentally responsible fashion industry.

When Big-brand hits on Thrifting

Some people are not willing to spend money on clothes from popular brands. But, thrifting provides an opportunity to acquire these branded clothes at a reduced price. It’s great to know that some individuals may donate their high-end clothes to thrift stores, which can then be purchased by us.

If you want to try buying thrift clothes, here are a few Kerala-based online Thrifts stores you should check out:


The name “Alamara” is quite captivating and represents a business that has been involved in the art of thrift shopping for a significant amount of time. Ganesh Venkataramani and Gowry Lekshmi, a well-known duo of Malayalam artists, are the driving forces behind “Alamara The Thrift Store”, located in Kochi. This unique store offers a diverse selection of hand-picked clothing items, including tees, crop tops, dresses, trousers, kurtas, and jeans. Interestingly, they also offer thrift books as part of their collection.


Here’s another thrift store based in Kochi, where you’ll find an array of adorable and charming apparel with a vintage touch. The aesthetics of this store are so alluring that they surpass the dresses’ appeal. The best part? Most of the dresses are priced under 1000/-, making it an even more enticing option. The collection offered here is a delightful fusion of modern and vintage styles. If you’re searching for outfits that beautifully blend the best of both worlds, this is the store for you.


Discover a haven for thrift enthusiasts at Thrift Kochi, a vintage store offering a diverse range of unisex outfits sourced from their extensive collection. The store has become a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals, known for its impressive trouser collection featuring vintage-style pants and jeans. Their jackets are also popular, making Thrift Kochi a must-visit for anyone seeking unique and stylish clothing options.


There is a community-based organization in Trivandrum called Maatam, which was co-founded by a team of architects. They have launched Kaimaatam, the first offline recurring thrift store in Kerala. Kaimaatam conducts collection drives to repurpose pre-loved clothing, offering them a second life. Their goal is to promote thrifting and urge people to donate their clothes while providing others with the chance to own second-hand clothing. They are currently planning to expand their operations throughout Kerala. To keep up with their progress and new updates, we suggest following them on Instagram.


For those pursuing something charming, endearing, and delightful, a visit to Thrift Opportunity is highly recommended. Their collection primarily consists of exquisitely designed dresses adorned with lovely floral patterns. Despite being a relatively new start-up, their Instagram page has garnered an impressive following. The dresses they offer are reputed to be of exceptionally high quality, further adding to their allure.

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Rack.Up has brought a fresh and exciting idea to the market with its exquisite collection of pre-loved sarees, rarely found in thrift stores. Their collection showcases a wide range of sarees that have been previously owned but are in excellent condition, allowing customers to explore and acquire these beautiful garments at affordable prices.

Kerala Saree Boutique

Looking to update your saree collection? The Thrift Store at Kerala Saree Boutique has you covered with a wide selection of options. Take advantage of amazing deals and add some new pieces to your wardrobe today. These sarees have been previously worn by models, adding to their charm. However, their exclusivity has limited their availability. With a generous 40% discount on all thrift sarees, it’s a great chance to buy a saree without breaking the bank.

By wearing thrift clothing, you express your personality, help the environment, and support local artists. So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s all thrift and up our fashion game. Save money, look well, and make a difference, all while remaining amazing!

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