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This Village In Kerala Is Known For Its Vegetable Farms

Not very far from Munnar, lies a beautiful village with terraced slopes and valleys that’s a beauty in itself. Vattavada, located 45 km away from Munnar, is a quaint little village known for its vegetable farms. Before you enter this village, the Forest Department’s checkpost will note down your details. You have to go through a National Park route to reach Vattavada. Do note that you’re not allowed to loiter or dispose of waste during that travel.

Vattavada is home to Eucalyptus and Conifers trees that are surrounded by butterfly species. A common sight in Vattavada is its strawberry farms. You can literally pluck fresh strawberries, and taste them young. You’ll also find apples, oranges, plums, guavas, berries, and more. Imagine overlooking echoing green fields and blue skies while plucking fruits from trees. It’s definitely an experience you won’t find in a cityscape. Apart from fruits, the vast expanse of cabbage, carrot, and garlic plantations is a mesmerising sight. The vegetable farms over there looks straight out of an Indian fairy tale.

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This offbeat destination also has a couple of touristy places that you can visit. In close proximity to Vattavada lies many  UNESCO World Heritage sanctuaries and national parks such as Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Amaravati reserve forest, Palani Hills National Park, and Pampadum Shola National Park. These areas are known to have rare animal species, and you’d be really lucky to spot them as you explore the area.

Vattavad has an infusion of Kerala and Tamil Nadu culture. The friendly locals might just share their secret recipe for building the perfect farm. Despite it being a small village, there’s a lot to see and explore. Don’t forget to buy your own jam jar made out of fresh fruits before you leave Vattavada.

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