This Scene From Jana Gana Mana Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

It’s been a while since Jana Gana Mana hit the theatres. It was the talk of the town and became a huge success. The 2 hours 10 minutes long Malayalam-language film was soon released on Netflix to reach a wider audience. The Non-Malayali audience was in awe of this spectacular court drama that questioned our bias. Directed by Dijo Jose Antony, this film raised a lot of ongoing issues in the country, but there was one particular scene that caught people’s attention.

If you have watched the film, it’s the courtroom scene where Prithviraj talks about the politics of power. The clip went viral on Twitter, especially when Rana Ayyub shared it on her handle.

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Here’s what Twitterati has to say about this:

We recently interviewed the director, Dijo Jose Antony. You would find it hard to believe that the courtroom scene was shot first. To know more about what went into the making of the film, watch the interview below.

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