This Malayali Product Designer Got A Job At Google And His Wife’s And Mother’s Reactions Is Priceless

Getting a job at Google is not a piece of cake. Google doesn’t care about the degrees you have. Rather, they are focused on what you can offer. UI/UX designer and writer Advin Roy Netto from Kerala managed to score a job at Google as a Product Designer. He captured his wife’s and mother’s reactions to this good news. It’s too cute to handle.

A few weeks ago, one of Advin Roy Netto’s Instagram Reels had gone viral. He captured the reaction of a housekeeping staff who came across a drawing of her on his table. Apparently, upon seeing his sketches, she requested that he draw something for her. To her surprise, when she and her colleague had come to tidy up his room, she noticed a drawing of her on his table. His gesture not only put a smile on her face but also on all the people who watched the video.

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His recent video of him capturing his mother’s and sister’s reactions to his new job is now making rounds on the internet. The smiles on their faces will literally make your day better. Watch the video below:

What we love about this video is how he talks about the process that led him to get a job at Google. Advin Roy Netto has been applying to Google since 2013 but didn’t really get a response. He thought he’d have to have a degree from a well-known college to get into Google as a Product Designer. But his learnings over the years taught him something different. He understood that he had to believe in his work and the possibilities of career growth first. He shared, “When things aren’t happening in your favour, have patience and focus on the things you can control.”

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