This Malayali Cyclist is Traveling From TVM to J&K to Support the Farmers’ Protest

It is true that the South Indian media isn’t covering the farmers’ protest as much as it should. While social media is raging with solidarity, it isn’t creating much of an impact among the South audiences. 22-year-old Jibin George, a cyclist from Kerala, decided that enough was enough, and decided to go on a journey that would throw light on the ongoing Indian farmers’ protest. With the sole aim to spread awareness, Jibin made it his goal to cycle from Thiruvananthapuram all the way to Jammu & Kashmir to showcase his support.

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Jibin is a second-year student, studying Hotel Management at Rajadhani Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Attingal. His passion has always been to explore new cultures, lifestyle, and people by cycling. In fact, according to TNM, two months ago, he had just come back from a solo cycling expedition, exploring South India for a month. It was then he realised that not many people were talking about the farmers’ protest as they should. “Even in mainstream media, I felt the protest is not covered as widely as it should be. This was the prime reason I chose to extend my support for the farmers,” he shared.

Cyclist Jibin has a placard placed in front of his bike that showcases his support. His way of spreading awareness is by talking to the people who approach him or when he takes a pit-stop. It’s more of sparking a conversation than giving out a lecture so that people stop, and think twice. He understands that he may not be able to create as big an impact as he would like to, but is grateful for doing whatever he can to support the cause. He plans to be a part of the farmers’ protest when he reaches Delhi.

The ninth round of talks between the central government and farmer unions had just taken place, but there was no resolution taken. The next meeting will occur on January 19th at 12 pm.

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