This Kerala Engineering Student Bagged 3 Records For Performing 23 Magic Tricks In A Minute 

Adhil S, a first-year Engineering student, won the India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, and International Book of Records for performing 23 magic tricks in a minute. Aswin Kumar, who was a Bigg Boss contestant in season 4, had won accolades for doing 18 magic tricks in a minute. Now, Adhil has secured this spot.

Ever since he was 10 years old, Adhil has been fascinated by magic tricks. It was around that time he had attended a magic show where the magician guessed what he was thinking. Shocked by the outcome, his curious mind pushed him to do his research and learn how magic was done. His passion for magic was ignited then.

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23 Magic Tricks In A Minute 

He originally just wanted to enter the India Book of Records. When he learned of Aswin’s spot, he was determined to do better. In his 23 magic tricks, he used different materials including silk to a wand, fire to rose, photo to original dove and linking two rings. After recording a video of his magic tricks and sharing it with the India Book of Record, he earned his own spot. He shared the same video with the Asia Book of Records and International Book of Records and secured his titles.

Apart from being a magic enthusiast, Adhil is also an automobile fanatic. Once upon a time, he was known on social media for building a jeep using an autorickshaw engine.

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