This Kerala Artist Created A Theyyam Mascot With Bakery Items

A regular user of social media would have come across P.K Suresh, popularly known as Davinchi Suresh II for his incredible artistry. His work with unconventional mediums like the portrait of Tovino Thomas in a paddy field, Prithviraj with woods of varying hues, Sasi Kalinga with papaya, Mohanlal with kitchen utensils has quite created a stir on the internet. The majority of these artworks were the products of the long-spanning lockdown.

Many of the artists had shared his work on their feed and appreciated Suresh for his time and effort. The Carpe Diem artist, whose wish is to do artworks in 100 mediums, has finally come up with his 79th instalment made out of biscuits and other bakery goodies. In association with the ‘bake story’ bakery in Kannur, Suresh installed a 24-foot long mascot of Theyyam, a traditional dance ritual of Malabar.

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The Theyyam mascot took 16 long hours and around 25,000 biscuits to make. The 24-foot long mascot also made efficient use of sweets, bread, buns, dry fruits, and other bakery products. The art was arranged at Bharat auditorium in Kannur after layering the tables with a cloth as the base, attracted visitors from various parts of the town. The raw materials used for installation were later donated to a veterinary farm in Kannur for biodegradation.

“Initially I thought of using different biscuits only. Later we had to use other products for more visual appeal”, recounted Suresh in his Facebook post. He also shared that this was possible because of the ardent support from bake story’s chef Muhammad Rashid and the other workers who helped him speed up the process. “We heard Suresh is planning 100 different mediums to install different artefacts. So we invited him and provided all the arrangements”, reported Mohammed Rashid to the Hindustan Times. He also added that Theyyam was selected because of the fast-approaching dance season.

Baking and lifelike mascots out of food materials have been gaining momentum with the advent of the lockdown. North Kerala, known for its food and baking innovations, has created news in the past and is still finding newer methods to create a buzz. Davinci Suresh’s work, however, doesn’t stick with a medium instead spans across various mediums. 21 of them are still to be witnessed. We wish the impeccable artist all the very best and that he may create stupendous masterpieces.

Arja Dileep
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